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‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 Ending Explained: The Fates Of Ted, Rebecca, Roy & More Are Revealed

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The Ted Lasso season 3 finale (and most likely series finale) begins with Ted still intending to leave AFC Richmond behind after the big game. Ted and Rebecca haven’t quite figured out their goodbye yet. Trent has almost finished his book, which he’s titled The Lasso Way. He gives a copy to Ted and Beard to look over.

Rebecca refuses to think about who is going to replace Ted. She asks Leslie how much she would get paid if she sold the entire club. Rebecca and Keeley gasp when he says $2 billion. Something to think about.

Phil Dunster
Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein as Jamie and Roy. (Apple TV+)

The team has a goodbye performance planned for Ted, and it’s beyond precious. They sing “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music. Seriously, get us a Ted Lasso musical immediately.

After seeing a conversation go down between Jamie and Keeley, Roy asks Jamie to go out for a beer with him. “Whatever happens on Sunday, I want you to know I’m proud of you for the work you’ve put in this year,” Roy tells Jamie. Jamie thanks Roy for motivating him this year and admits that he doesn’t want Keeley to get in the way of their friendship.

Roy mentions that he and Keeley have started talking again, which makes Jamie pause. They both get territorial and refuse to step aside for the other. They come to literal blows over Keeley and end up at her doorstep. They want her to choose between them once and for all. Instead of choosing Roy or Jamie, Keeley chooses herself.

Rebecca’s finally ready to talk about Ted leaving. She tells him that she’s decided to sell the club. “If you go, I go,” Rebecca says. She offers up another option. “We both stay,” Rebecca says. She respects him going home for his son, but she wants him to consider the possibility that this is his home. Michelle and Henry can come over here and be happy. Rebecca asks Ted to stay, but she already knows the answer in her heart.

As he’s shutting down for the night, Ted finds Nate still in the locker room, looking up at where the “Believe” sign used to be. Nate breaks down in tears and apologizes for everything that’s happened between them. Ted, ever the saint, forgives Nate.

Ted Lasso
Beard, Ted, and Roy during the big game. (Apple TV+)

It’s officially game day for AFC Richmond as well as Ted’s last game as manager. Ted doesn’t have a big speech planned, but Beard does have a video that pretty much reduces everyone to tears — even Roy!

The first half against West Ham United doesn’t go so well for Richmond. Ted decides to give one last rousing speech before the second half. He tells the team that it’s been an “honor” to coach them and one of the “greatest experiences” of his life. He urges them to play hard, play smart, and play together. He almost says “believe” but stops himself.

Sam steps up and has a scrap of the old “Believe” sign. Jamie and the rest of the team do as well. Everyone has a piece. Together, they put it back together again in front of Ted’s eyes. Ted’s work here is officially done.

During the second half, McAdoo has to take his first penalty kick. It appears that he misses, but after replay analysis, he actually kicked it through the net. AFC Richmond is still in it! Rupert walks out onto the field and orders the West Ham manager to take Jamie out. The manager refuses so Rupert pushes him to the ground. It all comes down to one play. Sam is able to get the goal and clinch AFC Richmond’s epic win. Richmond later comes in second to Manchester City.

Ted makes it to the airport as he prepares to fly home to the States. Rebecca sells 49% of the club to the fans. She’s also there waiting for Ted at the airport. She bought a ticket just so she could say a proper goodbye. Rebecca’s not leaving the club after all. While Ted is going home to his family, she wants to stay with hers. They thank each other for everything and share a tearful goodbye.

On the plane, Ted begins to question Beard about whether or not leaving was the right call. Turns out, Beard doesn’t want to go. He’s in love with Jane and wants Ted’s blessing to stay. In order to get off the plane, Beard fakes his appendix rupturing.

As she’s walking out of the airport, a little girl falls right in front of her face. When she looks up, she sees her mysterious Dutchman. He’s a pilot. She gets her happily ever after!

Ted Lasso
Leslie, Keeley, and Rebecca in the season 3 finale. (Apple TV+)

While Beard has a plethora of notes for Trent’s book, Ted has just one. Ted thinks Trent should change the title of the book because it was never about him. “It never was,” he says. Trent ends up titling the book The Richmond Way.

Roy is named the new manager of AFC Richmond and decides to go to therapy with Sharon. He also hangs the repaired “Believe” sign with Nate and Beard. Keeley presents the idea of a women’s team to Rebecca, which Rebecca is ecstatic about. Beard and Jane get married at Stonehenge, but Ted doesn’t attend.

Ted wakes up when he lands back in America. Henry is so excited that his dad is back home for good. Ted spends this next chapter coaching Henry’s soccer team. When Henry gets frustrated, Ted reminds his son to “be a goldfish.”

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