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Rina Chanel Brings Authentic R&B Back via Latest Single

Rina Chanel brings authentic R&B back to life with her latest single, Sweetest of Melody. Chanel draws us in with dreamy saxophones that pave the way for her sultry voice. Sweetest of Melody takes it time, allowing every emotion to sink in. It doesn’t rush through its lyrics either, which makes Sweetest of Melody sound like a cross between Marvin Gaye and Alicia Keys. Don’t get me wrong, Sweetest of Melody stands on its own. Senghor Robinson features on the track giving Sweetest of Melody a true retro vibe.

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Sweetest of Melody’s production is the what makes it such a distinct single for Rina Chanel.  There is something so familiar and cozy about this track that immediately coated me in a wave of memory and nostalgia. Listening to Sweetest of Melody made me realize how long it had been since I heard a true R&B song. Chanel instantly revitalizes the genre by pairing classic R&B instruments with modern lyrics and techniques. While Robinson is singing his part of the chorus, Chanel starts speaking French with a reverb effect which modernizes Sweetest of Melody. This touch keeps this single fresh and true to Chanel’s artistry.

 Sweetest of Melody at its core, is a love song. It’s not just any love song, it chronicles the inexplicable feelings that true love and connection evokes. Sweetest of Melody begins with Chanel crooning,’’When I met you, my whole world changed, it was renewed.” Immediately capturing the dimensional shift that happens when you fall in love with someone. What separates Sweetest of Melody from most modern songs is that Chanel and Robinson are seemingly singing to each other. Chanel and Robinson are such a good vocal match they elevate each other without upstaging the other. There is a balance in their vocal performance that grounds Sweetest of Melody and makes the romance palpable. I would love to see this song performed live to see the magic between them.

Sweetest of Melody is a rarity. Its not often that I turn on a song on that makes me reminisce and reunite with an old self with just one listen. R&B and Soul have such a defined sound that make them impossible to miss or forget. You can hear the influence of different era’s of R&B and the love that Chanel has for them on Sweetest of Melody. Chanel’s artistry really shines through by the atmosphere and sound she crafts. This is a feel-good song about the beauty of loving someone and the unique experience of being loved. Sweetest of Melody is somehow both idealistic and realistic, making you wish you were slow dancing with your lover to it.

If you are in the mood for music that speaks to the heart and soul you can’t miss this single. If you love classic R&B you definitely cannot miss Sweetest of Melody! Rina Chanel gives us the perfect song to play year round, but this will be especially good on Valentine’s Day. Even if you are listening to Sweetest of Melody alone, Chanel has given fans a song that inspires. Don’t miss this single!

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