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Lance-Carter Obadiaru and Cree-Silver Corley Are Surging

Adunni Rose Talent Agency is always looking out for talented and fresh-faced newcomers who aren’t simply “gimmicks” and likely to be out of the business by adulthood. Intelligent observers will soon get the feeling that Adunni Rose are taking the long view with their clients rather than squeezing every job and available nickel out of them while they are still draw money. Talent development, yes, but they are interested in helping to develop quality human beings as well helping to shepherd blossoming careers.

Few clients on their roster make that more apparent than brothers and native New Yorkers Lance-Carter Obadiaru and Cree-Silver Corley. The eleven-year old Obadiaru hails from Jamaica, Queens and began acting at age eight. He has since landed a prominent recurring role in an as yet untitled cable television series and casting in an upcoming Matt Roger’s production for Showtime. The actor/print model has parlayed his stunning look into modeling work as well including appearances in Scholastic Kidz.

He is an exceptional eleven-year old in some ways. Obadiaru, in others, remains the classic pre-teen as he enjoys sports and as much time as he can on his game console. He’s on the precipice of his teen years and the adults guiding his career are obviously putting the pieces in place for him to chase his performing dreams as long as he likes.

They are doing the same for his brother. Cree-Silver Corley has already tasted professional success at six years old in the role of Conor Wilson in the television series The Wilson’s and a high profile commercial for Ninlaro. He’s landed perhaps his biggest role yet in a pending theater production that may prove to be a transformative moment for the youngster’s prospects. He isn’t an acting talent alone, however, as print media has come calling on him as they have his older brother.

Cree has already shown signs of something more than performance. He has a seeming affinity for the creative process on the other side of the camera that enriches rather than distracts his performances. Much of what he’s doing now as a performer involves taking direction from his elders and obeying his obviously special innate intuition. Let Cree continue developing as he is now, however, and he promises to be an adult performer of rare power and distinction.

The brothers have benefitted from working with some of the best coaches available today. Bob Marks, Wendy McKenzie, and Ankhrah are some of the prominent names responsible for honing their innate gifts and the overall vision of their manager T. Theresa Bastien has proven an ongoing boon for their fortunes as well. These are major league talents in the offing and the shaping and tailoring that has gone on so far makes them an ideal fit for myriad future projects. These native New Yorker boys have a long road ahead of them. They set off on their respective journeys, however, as fully prepared as one can be and there are no signs of them backing down.

Cleopatra Patel

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