Author’s Edge – Mickey Burns “From the Projects to Profiles: A Memoir”

One of the most inspirational books of the year was written by TV talk show host Mickey Burns who has been appearing on “Profiles with Mickey Burns“ for the past 20 years. The premise of the book is “hard work and perseverance will get you anywhere”, and that it did for Mr. Burns. This represents the American success story and Mickey Burns’ journey from the South Beach Projects to the Times Square produced talk show and how it became a reality.

Raised in the projects of Staten Island New York it seemed unlikely that young Mickey would find his way out of there. Encouraged by his mom and his own desire to be someone, Mickey found a way through football and other sports to acquire an education at Missouri Valley College. From there he returned to his home state and became one of the most Professional and prestigious celebrity talk show hosts in the world having had in-person and in-depth conversations with the biggest stars in Hollywood as well as the most popular sports figures.

The book focuses on the back lot stories of his interviews and the intimate stories surrounding them. Burns has interviewed celebrities including: Smokey Robinson, Joan Rivers, Joan Collins, George Forman, Mario Lopez, Tony Orlando, Kenny G, Deepak Chopra, Fred Schnieder, Adam Ant, and hundreds of others.

The book is the ultimate “follow your dreams and they will come true“ accomplishment story. Burns is a master at story telling as well as the epitome of interviewers. The book lends advice, structure, humor, passion and emotion. It’s a great end of summer read and heartfelt story. It will intrigue you, mystify you and leave you with an “I can do anything” feeling. With a fan base of over 20 million and a steady show for over 20 years, Mickey Burns has got to be doing something right… “From the Projects to Profiles” and discover his success.

5/5 Stars

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