5 Best Summer Pants For Men: Styling in the Heat in 2024
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5 Best Summer Pants For Men: Styling in the Heat in 2024

There’s more to putting together a wardrobe than buying some jeans and a pair of dress pants. The best men’s pants come in different shapes and sizes, and a man’s man should be equipped to handle any occasion. For starters, you’ll want to get your hands on the best summer pants for men.

Nothing puts a damper on a perfect summer’s day like overdressing and having to deal with excess sweat. That said, if you play your cards right, you can get through the hottest afternoons feeling breezy and looking like a million bucks.

The only question is, what should you buy? We’re here to help you out with our list of summer legwear picks that are stylish, comfortable, and won’t drill a hole in your wallet. All you have to do is find your perfect match.

With all that said, let’s look at the best summer pants for men.

Key Takeaways

I began my journey by poring over dozens of sites and reading countless reviews. The numbers are in. The best summer pants for men would have to be Sailwind’s Drawstring Pants. For a reasonable price, you’re getting unparalleled softness and elasticity, as well as ultra-reliable pocket action for good measure.

Perry Ellis’ Linen Pants are another fantastic option, owing to their breathability and all-around cool factor. These are equal part casual and dressy, and the waistband is up there with some of the best.

man wearing the 360 flex chinos by dockers
dockerscentroamerica / Instagram

Sailwind Men’s Drawstring Pants: best summer pants for men

Why they’re great: What makes these Sailwind beauties the overall best summer pants for men? Oh, I don’t know – how about the perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and durability? On top of the extremely breathable linen, you have rayon and viscose for added softness.

Then there are the colors, ranging from smart black to sprightly beige and khaki. Deep pockets, too, including the back ones.

Who are these for? It’d be easier to list the occasions where you can’t wear Sailwinds. With how easy they are to style, I’d go as far as to say this is a must-have for guys in the summer.

I’m a huge fan of the elastic waistband, too, allowing guys of all sizes to feel cushy. In fact, they can even work as sleepwear if that’s what you’re after.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The colors are a little bit off from what you see in the pictures, but that’s common with online shopping.

Sizes: S–XL | Material: 45% linen, 35% rayon, 20% viscose | Colors: 9 | Care: Machine wash

Amazon Essentials Stretch-Fit Chinos

Why they’re great: Unsurprisingly, Amazon hit the jackpot yet again with these summer pants. The cotton feels amazing on your legs, and the athletic fit looks amazing, especially on long and chiseled legs. There’s also just a bit of spandex in the mix to offer that extra stretch factor.

Who are these for? Although the range of colors on these is awesome, what’s even more impressive is how many sizes there are. If you’re a big dude and you’re tired of compromising when it comes to fit, chances are your ideal number is available.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: I’d say that these are right on the edge of being high-rise pants. Nothing wrong with that per se, just something to consider if you’re not into the aesthetic. Other than that, they’re definitely among the best summer pants for men.

Sizes: S–6XL | Material: 97% cotton, 3% spandex | Colors: 13 | Care: Machine Wash

Perry Ellis Linen Casual Pants

Why they’re great: These Perry Ellis pants might be on the pricier side, but with that premium linen, it makes perfect sense. On top of feeling incredible, these look very flattering on any leg shape out there. It also helps that you have loads of sizes to choose from.

Who are these for? The more you sweat in general, the better off you’ll be with these some of the best summer pants for men out there. Aside from the material, the drawstring waistband is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Gone are the days of low-grade elastic pressing down on your love handles.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: With a product this high-quality, having a few more color options couldn’t hurt. Either way, the available ones are all staples for a guy’s summer fit, so it’s hardly something to complain about.

Sizes: S–4XL | Material: 100% linen | Colors: 3 | Care: Machine Wash

Dockers Slim Fit 360 Flex Chinos

Why they’re great: Dockers have been on fire with their products in recent years, and these chinos are among my favorites. This is a slim-fit pair of pants through and through, although the cotton does away with any pesky tightness issues.

I’m a sucker for security pockets, too, so that’s another big selling point for me with these pants. All of that adds up to some of the best summer pants for men.

Who are these for? With so many eye-popping colors and one of the better-designed waistbands you can find, it’s safe to say that these are for everybody. Plus, if you don’t like tapered legs, the straight fit is a complete knockout.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: With how ubiquitous Dockers’ style is, I’m surprised you can’t get these in a few more sizes. Still, you get enough stretch to be comfortable even if you can’t find your usual number.

Sizes: S–XL | Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane | Colors: 17 | Care: Machine wash

Lee’s Extreme Motion Straight Pants

Why they’re great: Still waiting on a pair of Lee pants I can’t get behind, and they just aren’t coming. The slim fit is a great look on anybody, especially if you go olive or gravel. The Active Comfort fabric offers a modern yet timeless look, and it gives you a solid range of motion, too.

Who are these for? Whenever you’re unsure if you should be dressing smart or casual, it doesn’t get safer than these. Also, the pockets are some of the most reliable ones I’ve seen, being both deep and snug around your precious belongings. I can honestly say that these are among the best summer pants for men.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: As good as they feel to the touch, these pants do wrinkle a bit more than I’d like. All things considered, this is a small price to pay for some of the best men’s summer pants.

Sizes: S–XL | Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex | Colors: 8 | Care: Machine wash

ATG By Wrangler Utility Pants: best summer pants for men

Why they’re great: Utility Pants is the best name they could have picked for these Wranglers. Thanks to the nylon, you get some pretty impressive rip and water resistance. The latter also means any unwanted sweat will be gone before you know it. And did I mention they look incredible in every color?

Who are these for? Getting physical outdoors in 100 degrees sucks, but a pair of these can cushion the blow. From hiking and power walking to doing yard work or even construction, you won’t find many pants that feel and perform better than these. Hard to complain about the extra zipper pocket, too.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Some buyers have said that these feel a tad too snug around the calves. In my experience, this all comes down to just getting the size right, though.

Sizes: S–XL | Material: 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex | Colors: 8 | Care: Machine wash

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Buying Considerations for the Best Summer Pants for Men


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but bright, youthful colors are usually the way to go in the summer. White, beige, and gray tend to be a great look, plus they repel more light than darker shades, keeping you a bit breezier.


For a breathable pair of pants, you’ll want to look out for materials like linen or cotton. Linen pants offer better durability and a more “summery” look overall, and cotton does a better job at moisture wicking.

Size & Fit

As far as sizing goes, I tend to prefer going a size up when it comes to thin-material legwear. Assuming that the waistband has some flex to it, sizing up is a great way to make summer pants feel that much lighter. Overall, the formula is snug around the waist and generous around the calves and thighs.

man standing on an ATV wearing a checked shirt and a cap
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How We Chose

It’s hard to make it in the fashion game, so brands will often make outrageous claims to sell their products. Once in a blue moon, you find a brand that’s 100% genuine in its marketing, but these are few and far between.

To ensure that our readers are getting the best, we consider everything from company reputation to pricing when making our lists.

Company reputation: Is the company known for putting out lots of high-grade products? The more of them they have, the more likely we are to trust them.

User reviews: What do buyers have to say about a given product? Once enough people have given their verdict, it gives us all the more reason to include something on our list.

Price: Is the product fairly priced for what it offers? After all, we want our readers to get the best deal possible.

Transparency: Is the company open about how its products are made? We like to work with brands that are transparent, as this helps build trust with our audience.

Why Trust Us?

Andrej Paskalov has been with Fashionbeans for a good while now, and he’s in the know as far as male fashion trends go. From budget jeans to khaki pants, he’s shown he understands the ins and outs of casual wear.

When selecting products for this article, Andrej drew on a broad spectrum of sources, including the latest runway trends, consumer feedback, and his personal experience with numerous brands and styles.

His commitment to providing authentic and practical fashion advice has made him a trusted advisor in the menswear space. Through meticulous research and a keen eye for what works in real-life scenarios, Andrej ensures that his recommendations are not only stylish but also supremely wearable and suited to various occasions.

Whether you’re looking for comfort, durability, or style, his selections are aimed at meeting the real needs of everyday men.

Final Verdict 

That’s a wrap for the best men’s summer pants. Sailwind’s Drawstring Pants are our favorite pick – the mix of materials is durable yet comfy, the construction is immaculate, and styling them is a walk in the park.


    • The best summer pants for men are lightweight and breathable to help combat sweltering temperatures. Ultimately, you want something that doesn’t stain when you sweat, maybe with a concealing color to match. Or, better yet, go for pants that prevent sweating altogether.

      • For the most breathable pair of pants possible, you need to consider the material as well as the fit. The looser the fit, the lighter the pants are likely to feel. Also, as much as I adore denim jeans, I’ll take softer plant fabrics for the summer any day of the week.

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