5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Kav Sandhu of Blitz Vega

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without: Kav Sandhu of Blitz Vega

Name  Kav – Blitz Vega

Best known for  Musician

Current city  Somewhere in the green hills of Surrey England, hanging out with animals. Dipping in and out of London and Los Angeles.

Really want to be in  I’m kinda where I wanna be at the moment. Bit of L.A., bit of London. Then out. Although it would be nice to add a two week excursion to an island in the Maldives or Bahamas every two months. I’d stare at the ocean, swim, eat coconuts that fall out of the trees, and write. Maybe hang out at a beach bar and write some more. Just anywhere I can shut out the world and write.

Excited about  Excited to release the Blitz Vega album. We’ve given everything to make this record and more, every part of ourselves. Andy [Rourke] was extremely proud of it. He made me promise that I’d release and tour this record. So I want to fulfil his wishes and take the record on the road. As a writer and musician, I finally feel I’ve made something and been a part of the making of something that I really wanted to create. 

My current music collection has a lot of  I have more Rolling Stones records in my collections than any other artist. That goes for vinyl and CDs, I’d say. I’ve been a huge Stones fan since I was 6. 

And a little bit of  All forms of rock ‘n roll, alternative, indie, and rock. They would be the dominant genres. But it doesn’t stop there! I have lots of dance music, hip-hop, soul, old school R&B, Motown, blues, funk. I listen to a lot of classical and funk, groove-based jazz. 

Preferred format  Vinyl is by far my favorite. I’ve always loved staring at the artwork and reading the notes on the album. Who played what, who the producer was. Where the record was recorded. When I was young, I’d get lost in the music and dream my way in through the artwork. It’s magical! I kinda still do that. It means you’re in! That’s what you’re doing, it’s not on in the background. It’s getting the attention it deserves, that’s the centerpiece of the evening or whatever. Just like you would focus on a movie. 

The sound of the vinyl for me, I just love. It reminds me of those tape recordings, I know technically digital sounds better. But it’s that unexplainable energy and vibe that gives vinyl the warmth. It’s special, it’s art! It’s the same as what makes us human. 

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:


Nirvana: Greatest Hits, Nirvana 

They were my favorite band when I was growing up. Or at least the band that had the biggest impact on my formative years. Kurt Cobain was our voice as kids. In my first and only garage band we all related to Nirvana—we played Nirvana covers, that’s all we did—every day after school in that garage. 


Abbey Road, The Beatles

It’s so hard to pick one, when it comes to Beatles albums. Sgt. Pepper’s was the first album I listened to. My aunt left her vinyl collection at my parent’s house when she moved countries. My grandad would pick me up from school and he didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to touch the record player. I’d rush home and flick through Bob Dylan, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc. But Sgt. Pepper’s was the first, it made me fall in love with music. I became a music fan, a Beatles fan. I was obsessed. I love Rubber Soul and The White Album. But when I listened to Abbey Road I was wowed—this album is perfection. 


Rage Against the Machine, Rage Against the Machine 

It blew my mind at school. There was a girl called Megan Clinch in my class. We were children, not even teenagers. She brought me a copy on cassette and told me I’d love it, I needed to listen to this. I didn’t switch it off for years.  

Recently I started listening to it again. I have it on vinyl and CD, like all the albums in this list. 

I was playing Coachella with Happy Monday’s in ‘07 and we were headlining the second stage. I remember running over to see RATM straight after our set as they were playing the main stage. It was a moment. I used to get a lot of shit from some kids at school, I wanted to learn to play the guitar but they told me I couldn’t play guitar or be into rock music because I wasn’t white. But when RATM came out I was like, “Yeah, look at these motherfuckers, you idiots!” They weren’t the ignition, but they gave me the fire. 


The Daddy of Them All, The Space Monkeys 

This was the soundtrack of my teens. Every party, every night out. Going to friends’ houses this album would be played again and again. We had it on the decks in our band rehearsal room. We played it before we went out to a club. I still love it! To top it off, frontman Richard McNevin-Duff is an absolute gentleman. We opened for them at a venue called The Charlotte in Leicester, with one of my first bands. They just took our minds and expanded them. 

Rich sang on one of my solo songs “Devil in You” back in 2014. That was a moment for me. They had a huge impact. I play a song called “Blowing Down the Stylus” as I’m driving into the desert in Southern California. It kinda sets the tone for me and gets me in the zone.


Up from the Basement, Galt MacDermot 

I love this collection of tunes, it’s not necessarily about the songs but the groove, the vibe, the playing. I put this on when I’m driving late, trying to wind down and relax. I sometimes start a day off or a weekend with this record. It gives me a swing, I feel lost in the bass lines, piano, and touches of vocal melody. The version of “Let the Sunshine In” is an absolute masterpiece. 

Honorable Mentions:

The Very Best of the Stone Roses, The Stone Roses

So here I would want to include The Stone Roses compilation as I love both albums but not sure I could live without “Mersey Paradise.” The Roses were again one of the defining bands for me. 

Definitely Maybe, Oasis

They were the soundtrack of my teens, my haircut, the adidas, the attitude. They felt like home.

Then how can I miss out artists like The Charlatans, Bob Dylan, The Stones, Public Enemy, Neil Young, New Order, The Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, or the Chemical Brothers. But what about Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac? She’s my all-time favorite singer. I love Stevie Nicks! It’s really difficult. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s first album was massive for me!

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