Kristen Stewart Give Seth Meyers a ‘Lesbian Icon Makeover’

Get ready to laugh out loud! Kristen Stewart, the ever-so-cool star from Love Lies Bleeding, teamed up with Seth Meyers for a hilarious segment that’s taking the internet by storm. Picture this: a day out drinking with these two, ending in a makeover session you’ve got to see to believe!

Day Drinking Adventures

Seth Meyers decided to spice up his show Late Night with Seth Meyers by inviting Kristen Stewart for some daytime fun. As they sipped their drinks, Meyers had a quirky challenge up his sleeve. He wanted Kristen, known for her effortless style and charisma, to transform him into a “lesbian icon.” 

The Makeover Challenge

After a few drinks and laughs, Meyers presented his unique request to Stewart. He had a collection of what he called “lesbian accessories and clothes” and was eager to see Kristen work her magic. Bursting into laughter, Kristen went all in. 

Kristen’s Fashion Sense in Action

While rummaging through the selection, Kristen teased that the choices were a bit outdated, but hey, fashion is cyclical, right? With her keen eye, she soon pieced together the perfect outfit for Meyers. Imagine him stepping out in black skinny jeans, a crisp white shirt, and a denim jacket—top button done, of course. Add wire frame glasses, black Converse, and a beanie to top it off, and voilà!

The Big Reveal

When it was time to unveil the new Seth Meyers, Kristen had the honors. “Seth, you wanna come out?” she called out. And there he was, rocking his new look. Kristen was impressed, declaring him “[bleeping] cool.”

“Do you not feel cooler than you’ve ever felt?”

“I feel as though I’ve reverted to what I’m supposed to be,” he replied.


Is Seth a New Icon?

So, did Kristen Stewart succeed in turning Seth Meyers into a lesbian icon? The verdict is still out, but one thing’s for sure—this segment is as entertaining as it gets!

Don’t miss out on the full video to witness this unforgettable makeover and decide for yourself if Meyers has earned his icon status.

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Watch: Kristen Stewart Give Seth Meyers a ‘Lesbian Icon Makeover’

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