Why Maria Georgas Said No To Being The Next ‘Bachelorette’

The reason Maria Georgas did not want to be the next Bachelorette was finally revealed. Maria was the people’s princess and was who everyone wanted to be the next leading role. If it was not Daisy Kent, they wanted Maria Georgas. However, it was revealed that both of them turned down the opportunity. Daisy was not ready for the new experience, but Maria had more of a complex reason. Keep reading to find out.

Maria Georgas Gets Sent Home

Maria Georgas was in the final four of Joey Graziadei’s season. She was loved, hated, and everything in between. However, the majority of fans loved her to pieces. She had an amazing connection with Joey, but it wasn’t strong enough. Maria was ready to tell Joey she was in love with him when he met her family, but she froze. So, during the next rose ceremony, she pulled him aside to tell him. However, it was too late, and he had already made his decision.

Maria Georgas/Credit: ABC YouTubeMaria Georgas/Credit: ABC YouTube
Maria Georgas/Credit: ABC YouTube

Why Did She Say No?

Fans are dying to know why Maria turned down the opportunity. However, it seems like her “demands were too high”. However, Wells Adams seems to think producers didn’t want her because she could be unpredictable. He also went on to say that her demands were “ridiculous”. She wanted to have her phone the entire time, which has never been allowed. He also heard that she wanted her friend to be her lead producer who follows her everywhere, which again is not allowed. Some people felt as though Maria just wanted to have rights during her journey but was not allowed them.

Fans Opinions

Most people think it was Maria’s choice to walk away, but it has not been confirmed. It is more than likely the two not being able to agree on the terms and that was that. Fans gave their thoughts.

  • “I hope they get their *ss eaten out because of low ratings for this”
  • “For someone as popular and favored as her in a LONG time they should have at least tried to meet some demands.”
  • “Everyone’s ignoring one of the main reasons someone might want to keep their phone in her position. Right now the iron is HOT and it’s her time to strike, she’s probably getting all sorts of offers so it would be the absolute worst time for her to go radio silent for a few months.”
  • “Good for her making her demands. I would too if I were her. Makes total sense why it didn’t work out for either side.”

It seems as though Maria was not willing to take less than she deserved. Producers felt as though she was asking for too much, but maybe she just wanted some respect. Regardless, Jenn Tran will make an amazing Bachelorette, and fans are ready to see how her journey plays out. What do you think about Maria’s requests? Do you think she was asking for too much? Sound off in the comments below.

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