Broke Kim Zolciak Gets Cosmetic Procedures Done

Broke Kim Zolciak underwent cosmetic procedures and followers are calling her out for doing so. The mother of six has been in hot water financially so why is she spending money on plastic surgery? Keep reading for more details on the situation.

Broke Kim Zolciak Gets Cosmetic Procedures Done

Kim Zolciak has been experiencing significant financial difficulties since the middle of 2022. Along with her estranged husband, Kroy Biermann, they owed over one million dollars to the IRS. Then, their home was nearly up for foreclosure and almost went to auction. This went away but resurfaced in the Spring of 2023 and then the two filed for divorce which became extremely combative. They went on to reconcile but that did not last all that long before they called it quits again. As this was happening, Kim and Kroy were battling again, a lot of it having to do with money.

Kim Zolciak-YouTubeKim Zolciak-YouTube
Kim Zolciak-YouTube

Kim’s excessive gambling problem was brought up as a big issue and one of the reasons why their marriage could not work. This seemed to be part of why they continued to fall out. She has sold their expensive and lavish family items to pay for life but now, Kim has opted to get cosmetic procedures. That being said, fans are not happy with her doing so. According to Page Six, Kim underwent injections in her lips and fillers in her face. She then posted the video to her Instagram and followers were appalled at what they saw.

They immediately rushed to Kim Zolciak’s comment section to question why she was doing this when she was broke:

  • I thought you are broke this stuff costs hundreds
  • Where you get the money for this?
  • Really!? You are in debt up to your eyeballs and you are doing cosmetic work! Get over yourself.😡
  • Yeah spend that money you don’t have great job.
  • Shouldn’t you be more concerned about keeping a roof over your children’s heads rather than cosmetic procedures.
  • Isn’t she broke?

C’mon Kim

Kim Zolciak got raked over the coals for getting cosmetic procedures when she was supposedly broke. She had them done on her lips, her face, and her back, which fans were confused by. Of course, this was questioned as her home was supposed to go auction in January 2024. The bank had given her and her family extra time to sell the house and it appears that she has gotten more grace. Along with that, her eldest daughter, Brielle Biermann just got engaged so maybe this was celebratory surgery.

What do you think of Kim being broke yet getting cosmetic procedures? Yet, do you feel that it was comped because she promoted it? Let us know in the comments below.

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