Jonathan Bailey Steals the Show with His Groovy Dance Moves

The Fellow Travelers sensation Jonathan Bailey recently turned heads at the Loewe Crafted World exhibition in Shanghai, and he wasn’t shy about showing off his moves.

Bailey’s Fashionable Statement

Wearing vibrant green flare pants and a simple white t-shirt that commands everyone to “drink your milk,” Bailey made more than just a fashion statement; he promoted strong bones! We also shouldn’t overlook the impressive angel wings he wore, which transformed him into a celestial sight and brought our wildest dreams about the actor to life.

This is the video that has the internet in shambles:

Dancing Like Nobody’s Watching

In a captivating video shared by fashion designer Jonathan Anderson on Instagram, Bailey was truly in his element. He danced with such enthusiasm, grinding and swaying his hips to the rhythm of the music, that it’s impossible not to get drawn in. His joy was infectious, and it felt like an open invitation to dance along with him. Really, how can we get invited to these parties where Bailey swishes his hips and grinds?

A Walk with Anderson

The fun extended beyond dancing. Photographers captured more snapshots of Bailey exploring the exhibition. In other pictures, he walked alongside Anderson, sporting a chic look in a white sweater with blue stripes and casual khaki pants. Bailey showcases his style off-screen just as much as he does on-screen.

Want More Bailey?

There’s more to see for those who can’t get enough of Jonathan Bailey (AKA us).

Bailey’s career is on an exciting trajectory, with several promising projects that promise to showcase his versatile acting skills. After captivating audiences in Fellow Travelers, Bailey is gearing up to delve into diverse roles across various genres. Fans can look forward to seeing him in the Wicked movies as Fiyero and (hopefully) in the next season of Heartstopper!

He also briefly appeared in a teaser Netflix shared for the next season of Bridgerton.

Jonathan Bailey Steals the Show with His Groovy Dance Moves and Angel Wings

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