Who Is Clock? All The Hints & Clues

Clock was one of the new contestants this week on The Masked Singer. After their performance, they made it to the next round without a problem and didn’t have to participate in the week’s Smackdown round. With that said, they remain one of the favorites to move far in the competition, but who is under that mask?

Here is what Clock performed this week on The Masked Singer and who we think is under the mask based on the clues.

Clock Performs On The Masked Singer

This week, The Masked Singer had a special theme night. Last week was celebrating The Wizard of Oz, and this week was focused on a legendary singer/songwriter. This week is Billy Joel Night. With the new theme, there were four new singers in Group C. They include Clock, Lizard, Poodle Moth, and Spaghetti & Meatballs.

Clock on The Masked Singer / YouTubeClock on The Masked Singer / YouTube

Clock came out and sang one of Billy Joel’s most beloved songs, “Piano Man.” The performance was good enough to convince fans to let her move on to the next round without worrying about the Smackdown round. This also led to everyone listening to the voice and trying to break down the clues.

When Clock came out Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg said she carried herself like a “queen” or a “diva.” In the clue package was a Watch & Clock Maker shop where Clock said she was “timeless.” She said she was once the “belle of the ball” and a disco ball was shown. “I had the whole world dancing from dusk ’til dawn,” she said.

However, she said that times changed and soon people forgot. She said she felt “frozen in time.” Clock said she reinvented herself, achieved huge success again, and even performed for a president. She spun a Golden Globe as she said this. As usual, there was one more clue given after the performance. The Men in Black played the Billy Joel song “Vienna” and Clock explained she has a “date in my name.”

Who Is Clock On The Masked Singer?

When Clock finished singing and delivered her last clue, the panelists tried to guess her identity. Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg guessed Anita Baker. Ken Jeong agreed with that guess and just stuck with it. Robin Thicke pointed out the disco ball and guessed Evelyn “Champagne” King. Jeong then threw out one more guess – Diana Ross.

The voice sounds just like Bette Midler, and that could play into a few of the clues. Bette has won four Golden Globe awards, which would explain the Golden Globes in the clue package. Midler also performed for President Joe Biden in 2021. Of course, Ken’s guess of Diana Ross also won a Golden Globes Award and sang at the same event for President Biden.

What do you think of our guesses about Clock on The Masked Singer? Who do you think is under the costume? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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