Elliot Page Dives into VR: Bringing Brooklyn’s Queer Past to Life

Elliot Page’s New Venture: A Virtual Reality Journey Through Queer Brooklyn

Get ready to strap on your VR headsets because Elliot Page is taking us on a groundbreaking virtual reality adventure! As the executive producer, Page is transforming the hit book “When Brooklyn Was Queer” by historian Hugh Ryan into an immersive VR experience.

The Team Behind the Magic

This isn’t just any VR experience. Directed by Emmy-winner Yasmin Elayat and penned by playwright Agnes Borinsky, this project promises to be a captivating journey. They’re planning to whisk us away into the heart of Brooklyn’s queer history, showcasing the community’s challenges, victories, and unique stories through the ages.


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What’s the Buzz About?

New Canvas, the wizards behind this VR experience, are known for their knack in creating immersive narratives. They’re the brains behind the VR adaptations of “Lustration” and the thrilling “Awake.” With their expertise, “When Brooklyn Was Queer” will likely become a virtual reality experience you can explore with gadgets like Oculus and Meta Quest. Imagine walking through Brooklyn, witnessing history unfold around you!

Brooklyn’s Hidden Queer History Unveiled

While Manhattan’s queer past has grabbed the limelight, Brooklyn’s stories have remained in the shadows. “When Brooklyn Was Queer” dives deep, tracing back to the days of Walt Whitman in the 1850s, through the hardworking women at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during WWII, and beyond. This VR journey promises to uncover these hidden narratives, offering a rich tapestry of the borough’s queer history.

What’s Next?

Though the release date is still under wraps, production is set to kick off later this year. This venture marks one of Elliot Page’s first major projects since coming out, adding a personal touch to this already poignant exploration.

So, stay tuned! This VR experience isn’t just a leap into the past; it’s a step toward understanding and celebrating the vibrant tapestry of queer history in Brooklyn. Get ready to experience history like never before, with Elliot Page guiding the way!

Elliot Page Dives into VR: Bringing Brooklyn’s Queer Past to Life

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