Mama June Called Out For Destroying Expensive Teeth

Mama June Shannon has been called out for destroying her very expensive teeth. She recently talked about how she had to get her teeth fixed due to some issues. Then, she explained how it was going to cost a pretty penny but fans feel this could all be avoided. Read on for more details on the situation.

Mama June Called Out For Destroying Expensive Teeth

When Mama June first got her makeover, she had veneers put in to go along with her tremendous weight loss. This was all put on display when she got her series, From Not to Hot. Unfortunately, due to her substance abuse, June’s veneers were all but destroyed so she had to get new ones put in. Followers have questioned how well she is taking care of them as they have started to look off and appear to be rotting as of late. Now, it looks like June will have to spend an excessive amount of money to fix her teeth as one is causing her problems.

Mama June-YouTubeMama June-YouTube
Mama June-YouTube

According to Meaww, the Family Crisis star shared she would be spending $32K to get a tooth worked on. This was because she was in pain. The moment viewers learned about this price tag, they had a lot of thoughts:

Essentially, many people doubted that she was really spending that kind of money on a singular tooth. Furthermore, they believed that Mama June was to blame for any dental damage that she had. She does not eat the best as she is always chowing down on junk food. Therefore, this would solely be her fault and hers alone.

Always The Teeth

When Mama June met her now-husband, Justin Stroud, he did not have any teeth. One of the first things that she bought him was a full set and she went for a weight loss consultation. She wanted to get a modification for her weight loss surgery but the doctor declined to do it. He felt that she needed to start working on healthier eating habits before she underwent another major surgery. Therefore, in order for her to keep her teeth up and not have to spend crazy money, she should follow her doctor and the fans’ advice.

Do you believe June is really spending all of that cash on one tooth or is she exaggerating? Let us know in the comments below and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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