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5 Best Edge-Up Clippers: Get That Defining Look in 2024

We live in a world in which there’s no end of creative scope when it comes to men’s hairdos and beard styles.

Although the scruffy surfer or bodacious bedhead look is still as popular as ever, many style-conscious gents are migrating towards slicker hairstyles with sharp lines and defined edges.

If you’re looking for a sharp, slick, and defined hair or beard style, edging-up is essential. And, to edge-up properly, you need to work with the right clippers.

The best edge-up clippers will help you carve out the finest, most defined lines with ease, maintaining complete control at all times.

But with so many edge-up clippers out there promising the Earth on a stick, which ones can you trust to get the job done? Answer? I’m going to tell you.

Read on to discover my definitive list of the best edge-up clippers on the market right now.

Key Takeaways

Much like when you’re choosing a nose hair trimmer, the perfect cartridge razor, or even eyebrow trimmers, considering your personal needs is essential to enjoying the best return on hairstyling investment.

To cover all possible bases, I looked at edge-up clippers that suit different levels of styling experience, hair types, frequency of use, and general performance.

On my journey,  I discovered that the mighty Wahl USA Pro takes my number one spot for the best edge-clippers around.

For a cool luxury splurge that’s actually worth the money, the Andis GTX-EXO is the one for you. And for the best everyday use, the BaByliss LOPRO will get the job done, time after time.

a pair of babyliss lopro fx clipper and trimmer
babylisspro / Instagram

Top pick among the best edge-up clippers: Wahl USA Pro Clippers

Why it’s great: This epic edge-up clipper and beard trimmer is slick, easy to use, and is built to last. It’s a real all-rounder that suits every hair type and grooming style. Oh, and it boasts a bucketload of epic user reviews.

In addition to its handy (and rather confident) lifetime blade warranty, the Wahl USA Pro boasts three comb sizes and a slimline ergonomic design that grippable, accessible, and a joy to use.

The sleek nature of the blades means that you can achieve a close cut while etching out hair and beard lines that are highly defined and really stand out from the crowd. The head is easy to detach and clean, too (bonus).

Who is it for? These super edge-up clippers suit every type of groomer, hence their spot at the top of my list. Whether you’re going for epic beard lines, subtle hairline on contours, or something a little more daring, these will get the job done.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: Fellas with particularly thick or coarse hair might want something a little more heavy-duty.

Power source: Battery | Material: Stainless steel and diamond-hard carbon | Battery Life: 2 hrs | Additional attachments: Clipper heads


Why it’s great: Sturdy, robust, and menacing (in a good way) in equal measure, this is one of the world’s best hair edgers for everyday use. And, a fine addition to my list.

The LOPRO’s commanding top-performance brushless 6800 RPM motor is literally designed for reliable everyday use. The slightly curved ergonomic handle is easy to grip, offering maximum edging potential for every hairstyling aspiration.

With a top-notch charging base, this top-quality barber-grade clipper will be revved up and ready to go whenever you need it. Oh, and the adjustable brushless blade will stay as sharp as nails for a long time—perfect for your everyday edging-up needs.

Who is it for? This top-quality clipper is perfect for guys with a little grooming experience under their belt. It’s also ideal if you have thick or dense hair that requires a little more styling muscle.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: This might be a little pricey for some people. But that’s really the only downfall I can find.

Power source: Battery | Material: Graphite and metal | Battery Life: 2 hrs | Additional attachments: Charging bases and styling combs

FADEKING Professional Hair Clippers

Why it’s great: With a slimline design and an absolutely epic battery life, these portable edge-up clippers from FADEKING are a perfectly affordable edging-up companion. In addition to its wallet-friendly price, the FADEKING boasts durable precision blades that make creating razor-sharp contours and defined lines a breeze.

The handle is easy to grip, and its customizable taper control settings mean that even less experienced hair styling enthusiasts can create slick hairstyles that stand out from the crowd. Oh, and considering the price, the motor is smooth, powerful, and built to last.

Who is it for? The FADEKING is perfect for anyone with a slightly more modest budget. Its compact design is also ideal for guys who travel a lot but want to maintain a super slick hairstyle.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: Fellas with bigger, more robust hands might benefit from something a little bigger or wider.

Power source: Battery | Material: Stainless steel and bronze | Battery Life: 5 hrs | Additional attachments: Clipper head attachments, mini brush, apron, carry case


Why it’s great: If you’re looking for a luxury splurge that actually delivers the goods, this high-performance beast from Andis is a fine addition to my list of the best edge-up clippers. First of all, the compact curved design of these edge-up clippers offers maximum control, which is absolutely perfect for etching in ultra-cool contours or lines into your hair or beard.

With a high-performance motor under the hood, these edge-up clippers offer a smooth, seamless styling experience that will work wonders with even the thickest of man manes. Oh, and their epic carbon steel blade is built to last.

Who is it for? These legendary luxury clipper is barber grade, making it the perfect product for guys who like to sport slightly more intricate hairstyles. It’s also brilliant for guys who have thicker, coarser, more unruly man manes.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: This might prove a little hot to handle for less experienced hairstyling enthusiasts.

Power source: Battery | Material: Carbon steel and gold coating | Battery Life: 1 hr 40 mins | Additional attachments: Charging stand

Wahl Color Pro

Why it’s great: As an Amazon best-seller, the Wahl (yes, Wahl has made the list, again. That’s because the brand’s products are so darn good) Color Pro is popular among every kind of hair-taming groomer imaginable.

In addition to its smooth and persistent motor, striking looks, and grip-worthy slimline handle, the Color Pro’s perfect dimensions make it easy to use in any situation.

The clipper’s ability to glide over the skin and create head-turning contours is particularly notable (especially when you consider its more than friendly price point)—and its color-coded clipper comb helps guide even the most novice of hair groomers towards sleek lines as well as fine fades. Oh, and this set of edge-up clippers also doubles up as a great head shaver.

Who is it for? This popular clipper set is brilliant for fellas who are new to edged and fade-style haircuts. They’re portable and easy to use (especially due to the color coding), making them perfect for ‘traveling hairstyling newbies’.

Flaw but not a deal-breaker: The only thing that lets these edge-up clippers down is the fact that the running time is a little lower than other products on the list.

Power source: Battery (corded and cordless) | Material: Stainless steel and durable quality plastics | Battery Life: 60 mins | Additional attachments: Scissors, color-coded guide combs, scissors, styling combs, carry case

barber trimming brows with andis GTX EXE
andisclippers / Instagram

What To Look For In The Best Edge-Up Clippers


First of all, when making your best hair edgers shortlist, you should consider the motor power of your potential clippers.

Generally, edge-up clippers come with three motor types: pivot, rotary, and shunt. Shunt motors are arguably the fastest, whereas pivot motors have a higher torque, and rotary motors are easier to set at different speeds.

As such, rotary motors are a brilliant all-rounder. But, if you’re looking for something a little heavier duty, a pivot or rotary motor might be the one for you.

Additional Attachments

Much like general hair clippers, edging tools can come with a host of additional attachments that can help you achieve your dream look.

From sideburn styles and styling combs to neck hair trimmers, going for edge-up clippers with additional attachments will give you the very best bang for your buck. So, choose something with the grooming weapons that suit your needs and press that ‘buy’ button.


Another important aspect to consider when choosing the best edge-up clippers is material.

So, delve a little deeper into every product on your shortlist and make sure that it’s made with high-quality, sustainable materials that are ethical and built to last.

Cross-check the materials list of your potential edge-up clippers, check user reviews to make sure they deliver on their grooming promises, and, as a general rule of thumb, go with products that are made with stainless steel.

Battery Life

If you go for a cordless option for your edge-up clippers, then you should make sure that it comes with a sturdy battery life.

Go with a clipper that offers at least one hour of battery life; and if you travel a lot, choosing a product with a battery life of an hour and a half plus will make the best investment for your slick hair styling needs.

jeffrey dean morgan using the wahl pro series high visibility trimmer
jeffreydeanmorgan / Instagram

How We Chose

To curate my ultimate list of the best edge-up clippers, I drew on my years of experience as a men’s style and grooming enthusiast.

When choosing my definitive product shortlist, I employed a specific set of criteria (more on that in a moment) to ensure that every inclusion is trusted, efficient, and built to last.

Using my selection criteria, I looked for social proof (to make sure every product delivers on its promises and gets the job done). I also talked to a mix of men’s grooming professionals and tested each clipper myself to make sure it’s more than up to scratch.

Here are the main selection criteria I used:

User reviews: Here’s where we get the social proof. How many reviews are there? What are they saying? The customer isn’t always right, but I find them to be the most honest.

Approval from industry experts: It can never hurt to get an expert opinion to round out those reviews. I chose products from brands with solid reputations.

Material and blade quality: This is why we’re here, after all. Is this stuff good, and will it last?

Why Trust Us?

When it comes to grooming essentials, Dan has been at the forefront of delivering in-depth, reliable content that readers at FashionBeans have come to trust. With a keen eye for both style and functionality, he’s dissected the pros and cons of myriad grooming tools, ensuring you make the most informed decisions for your needs.

Dan’s expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s built on a foundation of hands-on testing and research.

Dan’s approach to selecting the best edge-up clippers for this article was rigorous. He compared dozens of models, considering factors such as precision, battery life, and ergonomic design. Moreover, he consulted with professional barbers to understand the tools they trust and why.

This blend of first-hand testing, expert opinion, and an unwavering commitment to quality and detail ensures that when Dan recommends a product, it’s worth your consideration. Trust Dan to keep you well-groomed and in style, just as countless readers have.

Final Verdict

With the perfect price-to-reliability and accessibility ratio, the Wahl USA Pro is my top pick for the best edge-up clippers.

It’s easy to use and boasts blades that give every type of groomer the control to achieve defined lines and impressive contours that will transform your hairdo from average to epic. It also comes with a lifetime blade warranty.

But, although the Wahl Pro USA is my top pick, every single clipper on this list is the cream of the clipping crop. So, consider your personal preferences, work your way back through my guide, and pick your perfect edge-up companion.


    • Edging up with clippers is a popular method for achieving clean and precise lines along the hairline, sideburns, and neckline.


      Using specialist clippers equipped with a fine-toothed blade, you can carefully trim and shape your hair and beard to create an iconic edged-up design.


      Whether you’re looking to maintain the shape of a haircut or carve in razor-sharp edges, clippers are an essential tool for getting the job done.

      • When it comes to edging up, barbers usually rely on specialist edgers, clippers or trimmers. These tools are perfect for creating razor-sharp lines along the hairline, sideburns, and neckline.


        Designed with fine-toothed blades and often boasting narrow, angled heads, edging clippers or similar tools allow barbers to craft sharp and clean edges without breaking a sweat.

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