Joey Graziadei Wants A Partner Who Understands His Bad Days

Bachelor Joey Graziadei shared that he wants a partner who will understand him on his bad days. He is taking his role seriously and has tried hard to remain honest and vulnerable throughout the process. He also tried to make the women feel comfortable enough with him to share their intimate, private stories that shaped them into who they are today. At many times throughout the season, emotions were running high. Joey revealed knowing that some fans have labeled him a “sad boy” and he’s fine with that. Why? Keep reading to find out more.

Joey Graziadei Revealed He Wants A Partner Who Understands His Bad Days

People caught up with Bachelor Joey Graziadei to talk about his journey so far. He has heard the things people say about him and knows he can be a “sad boy” as some have labeled him. However, he is okay with that. Joey said he wants these women to see all the different sides of him.

Joey hasn’t been afraid to let others know when he has a bad day. For example, he admitted recently that he was feeling a little down and that it had been a tough week.

He emotionally told the cameras in a confessional that he was afraid that nobody would choose him. Joey said, “The root of it was what my biggest fear is, which is, at the end of this, me choosing someone and it not being reciprocated. I think you know how much I’ve been talking about how serious I’ve been taking this and it’s because I want to get to the point at the end of this where I’m super confident. And I know that I’m going to be with my person.”

He shared with People that he began to feel the weight of the position he was being trusted with. He questioned whether or not he could make it through the season with feelings starting to grow on both sides.

Joey also said, “I know people have labeled me ‘sad boy’ and they saw the emotions that week, but I’m not afraid to share when I have those bad days. I look for a partner who can understand them, comfort me through them. If they’re going to choose me at the end of this, they should see all sides of me. It’s necessary to be able to have a good relationship.”

He set timelines for himself and his chosen partner

The big reason that Lexi Young self-eliminated was that Joey Graziadei expressed to her that he wanted a long engagement and then to wait a few more years before having children. She wasn’t willing to wait that long because of the potential infertility issues she had.

Joey later clarified that his timeline was not set in stone. He just saw himself having a long engagement because it is such a short time they have known one another on the show.

He is trying to stay true to himself and remain honest. Joey doesn’t ever want to live a life full of regrets.

What do you think about Joey wanting the women to see all the different sides of his personality?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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