The Rookie Season 6 Episode 2 Spoilers: Celebrating 100 Episodes and Nolan and Bailey’s Wedding!

Are you ready for a Rookie wedding?

You can guarantee that our favorite series will do it in style, and we’ve been waiting for Nolan and Bailey to tie the knot for what feels like forever!

But the big Nailey wedding isn’t the only thing that makes The Rookie Season 6 Episode 2 so special! It’s also a milestone hour as the series celebrates an incredible 100 episodes!

These days, any series that could reach the 100th mark at all is fortunate, as far too often, great shows get ripped from our clutches before they could so much as make their mark.

But The Rookie has made its mark and some, honing in on its own distinctive style, and we can expect even more of what the show has to offer in this 100th installment.

We got that when The Rookie Season 6 Episode 1 started on an explosive note, delivering everything we love about this series in one of the most exciting premieres of this current television season.

But viewers will be thrilled to know that the momentum doesn’t stop and that The Rookie’s milestone 100th episode is truly something special for the books.

It has everything you can imagine loving about the series, and it hits all the notes, from the fun and humor to the excitement and some tears.

You know, happy tears!

After all, the hour will bring our beloved characters together for a joyous event.

We’re getting another Rookie wedding!

They never get old for a series with a couple of weddings under its bet. They could keep them coming.

We’re putting our bid in now for a Chenford one in the near future!

But Rookie weddings are always filled with drama and some action and never go according to plan.

And John Nolan‘s wedding will be no different.

We already saw a few issues with the venue when a new neighbor moved in and shared that they would have construction scheduled for the entire weekend.

Fortunately for Bailey Nune, she and John can use Thorsen’s family retreat place, and it’s the perfect setting for something so beautiful.

From the multiple stills they’ve shared about the hour, the entire crew looks fantastic, all dressed up and thrilled to be at the event.

What’s even cuter is seeing all the different characters in their various stages of happiness with one another.

It’s especially cute with the couples.

One of the best photos of the bunch is Sergeant Grey and his wife dancing to their heart’s content at the wedding reception.

As for couples on the horizon, there’s a fascinating still of Aaron Thorsen and Celina at the reception.

They appear to be hanging out at the bar. Can we talk about how STUNNING Celina Suarez looks in that red dress?!

If Thorsen isn’t reconsidering and reexamining his friendship with her, he’s a fool. And he may agree, as we also catch a glimpse of him seemingly sulking at the same bar.

The wedding must go off without a hitch, but that’s not to say there isn’t a lot of drama that unfolds leading up to it.

The promo teases that someone stole Bailey’s ring before the wedding, and Chenford went to work to save the day.

It leads them to a big, bulky man who hilariously gets into an altercation with Tim Bradford.

We know our guy will be okay, and that’s probably why it’s easy to laugh hysterically at him getting flung across a room like a rag doll.

Let’s hope he and Lucy Chen successfully get that ring back.

However, whether they do or not, it doesn’t look like Bailey Nune and Nolan’s wedding will go on without a hitch.

We can hear Bailey telling Nolan not to die on their wedding day as he gives her a cocky smile as he heads out to handle some police business.

Yes, a Rookie wedding can’t be without police business and action.

Nolan happens across a car and has his gun drawn, so something major must take place.

But it’s not enough to keep him from the festivities, which is good.

Bailey also has a great time bonding with some of the Rookie ladies.

Perhaps she has a recital dinner or bachelorette get-together with some other ladies, including Chasity, Peter Nolan’s girlfriend.

Any get-together that involves someone as quirky as her sharing the same space with people like Nyla Harper and Angela is worth tuning in for, don’t you think?

Hopefully, that get-together will include Tamara, too. She’s another character whom a milestone hour wouldn’t feel right without her.

We’ll see a few fun guest stars and recurring characters popping in.

Skip Tracer Randy is another character we’ll catch a glimpse of, and he, in a wedding environment, is bound to be pure entertainment.

But the hour isn’t all celebrations.

Police work must be done as well, and Celina makes a brand new discovery on a case when she learns about a discrepancy.

Hopefully, it’s not an error on her part, but if anyone can figure things out, it’s Celina Suarez.

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Given that she’s all smiles at the wedding later, it’s safe to say she has a good day.

Meanwhile, after Lucy and Tim’s spat, it’s evident that they’re enduring a few relationship issues.

The stress of Lucy taking the detective’s exam is a point of contention for them for various reasons.

And it has led to the two butting heads.

The synopsis for the hour teases that their relationship is put to the test, and after what we witnessed by the end of The Rookie Season 6 Episode 1, it’s easy to assume that it’s linked directly to that.

But is it? We all know how misleading teasers can be.

We also know that on this milestone hour, after seasons of building up this fan-favorite ship, they deserve a special moment every bit as much as John and Bailey.

And for an hour that intends to give every viewer something they want to see, test and tribulations or not, Chenford can stand the test of time.

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Are you excited about The Rookie’s 100th episode? What do you hope to see? WHO do you hope to see make a cameo? Let’s hear it in the comments below!

The Rookie’s milestone 100th episode will air on ABC on Tuesday at 9/8c.

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