Twisters Super Bowl Trailer Has Glenn Powell Chasing A Pair Of Tornados

It remains one of the funniest stories in Hollywood blockbuster history. Asked to pitch a sequel to Sir Ridley Scott’s iconic Alien, director James Cameron (himself a legend) walked in, wrote the word “Alien” on the back of a folder, then added an “S.” Aliens was born, and it went on to become a massive hit. The takeaway tends to be that if you add more to an existing premise – going bigger than your predecessor – then you in term might be able to get better. Which is kind of what we are hoping from Twisters, which just showed off its first official trailer. 

We already know a good deal about the upcoming summer blockbuster Twisters, which arrives in theaters on July 19. But don’t think of it so much as a sequel. There are no direct connections between this movie and the Jan De Bont classic from 1996. At least, not according to leading man and viral sensation Glen Powell. The Top Gun: Maverick star will appear alongside Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos, Kiernan Shipka, and the world’s next Superman, David Corenswet, in a movie dedicated to storm chasers. 

From what we are able to tell, in a plotline borrowed from Twister, the storm chasers will be attempting to test out weather-tracking equipment, but this time around, there is a double dose of trouble to deal with in the form of a twin pair of tornados. We’re going to assume things go badly and there is a whole lot of natural disaster destruction.

Twisters is directed by Lee Isaac Chung, who made a big splash in the filmmaking world in 2020 with Minari, but his latest appears to be a much, much bigger adventure than the indie drama, as the new blockbuster boasts a reported $200 million budget (per The Oklahoman).  That’s a lot of flying cows! The director previously got a taste of franchise filmmaking helming the third episode of The Mandalorian Season 3 (“The Convert”), and it appears he has some spectacle-filled plans for his sequel to the classic ’90s hit starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. Let’s see what impact the trailer has on the anticipation of the movie going audience, and where this one falls on the must-see factor for upcoming 2024 movies.

Set to be one of the summer’s big blockbusters, Twisters is set to open in theaters on July 19. That month is set to be rich with massive films, as the new disaster movie will be arriving on the big screen one week ahead of Deadpool & Wolverine, which just launched its first trailer this afternoon as part of the Super Bowl broadcast as well. Be on the look out for a whole lot more coverage of Twisters here on CinemaBlend as we get closer to the anticipated film’s release.

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