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Florence Pugh Is the Latest to Get Hit by Flying Object While Onstage

First, an inanimate flying object came for Bebe Rexha, and we said, Hey, stop that. Then one came for Harry Styles, and we said, You’ve got to be kidding me. And now some unidentified object has hit Florence Pugh—the British national treasure frequently on view in America—in the face, and we’re really insisting that this has to stop. 

Pugh and the rest of the Dune: Part Two gang, including Austin Butler, Zendaya, and Timothée Chalamet, were in São Paulo, Brazil, for the comic convention CCXP this weekend. Following a panel at the event, Pugh, Zendaya, Butler, Chalamet, and director Denis Villeneuve were posing for a group photo when someone in the crowd threw an object that hit Pugh in the face. Regardless of whether Pugh was the intended target—who knows how good the coward who threw the object’s aim was?—the incident looks scary.

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On the panel, Pugh had said, “I had an amazing time coming in and just hanging around with these people, let alone actually getting to work with them. Coming in here—the power in this room—is because of that first movie, and we felt that when we went on set every single day. So it feels really, really special being here with the second one.” 

I don’t want to get morbid here, but maybe it’s unwise to have all of our most promising young actors together in one photo op. Like the top brass in US government or the monks who make Chartreuse, they shouldn’t travel together. There needs to be one designated survivor to carry Hollywood on their shoulders.

Also, perhaps—maybe!—fans in crowds could stop doing that? It would be so great, so cool if no one ever threw stuff in the general direction of anyone on a stage, pulpit, or panel. Adele is asking you nicely not to. Taylor Swift is saying please kindly don’t. Tim McGraw is saying nothing with “heft,” okay? Pink is like, That’s weird. Cardi B is fighting back. Seems like something we can all agree on—objects need not be thrown onto the stage while some of our favorite people are up there.

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