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10 Best Leather Gloves – Upgrade Your Winter Wares in 2023

Dressing up for cold weather is not the most exciting task. We get it. With heavy puffer jackets, furry hats, and ugly boots, winter fashion can easily turn you into an unattractive snowman—neither stylish nor comfortable. Our best advice is to ditch those ski gloves and upgrade to a pair of leather gloves. 

The best leather gloves can instantly elevate a man’s winter wardrobe without compromising warmth and style. The best part is that they’re extremely versatile too. From suits to cardigans, they pair nicely with most (if not all) outfits. Top your winter outfit with a pair of sleek leather gloves and a cute beanie. There you have it—a fail-proof and effortless look you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

If you want to keep your hands warm in style, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best leather gloves for men you can buy right now and wear forever (only if you don’t lose them).

Our Top Picks

Man putting on brown leather gloves
Luca Faloni

Do leather gloves remind you of James Bond? You’re not alone. You might remember seeing these unlined, albeit best leather gloves on Daniel Craig in the James Bond film Skyfall.

Our pick for the best leather gloves goes to fine glove maker, Dents. We swear it’s not just for their Hollywood appearance. These Daniel leather gloves are extremely practical and versatile. With the minimal and timeless design, they’ll go well with anything and everything in your closet.

Because these are unlined, they’re great for year-round wear, but if you’re looking for the warmest option, don’t worry. Keep scrolling for more winter glove alternatives.

Material: Sheep Leather | Lining: Unlined | Sizes Available: XS – XL | Colors Available: Black

Dents Daniel Unlined Leather Gloves

Cashmere is every cold climate resident’s dream. The luxe knit paired with windproof leather is an unbeatable team when it comes to fighting the cold. Meet Luca Faloni’s Cashmere-Lined Nubuck Leather Gloves.

Luca Faloni uses the finest materials handmade in Italy to produce the best leather gloves for winter. Quality is guaranteed. Compared to the more ubiquitous leather counterparts, nubuck leather has a soft, velvety texture as soft as a baby’s bottom. Combined with the cashmere lining, these gloves are ultra-soft both inside and out.

Dress them up or dress them down. Either way, you’ll be comfy, warm, and classy.

Material: Leather | Lining: Cashmere | Sizes Available: 8 – 9.5 | Colors Available: Brown, Navy

Luca Faloni Cashmere-Lined Nubuck Leather Gloves

If cashmere isn’t within your budget, fleece-lined leather gloves are (almost) up to par. We’re loving this wallet-friendly option from ELMA.

With the premium hairsheep leather and polyester fleece, these best men’s leather gloves are warm and durable. The fuzzy fleece lining keeps your hands cozy and looks super trendy. Style them cuffed with jeans and a bomber jacket for a more casual number.

Bonus points—they also have a touchscreen function, so no more frozen fingers while you’re scrolling.

Material: Leather | Lining: Fleece | Sizes Available: 8 – 10 | Colors Available: Black, Brown, Dark brown

ELMA Winter Leather Gloves

When in doubt, always go for the safe choice—black. Thanks to the versatility, black is arguably the best and most popular choice for the best leather gloves. 

Founded in 1936, Hestra specializes in making gloves in Sweden with premium materials. Having crafted over 2 million pairs of gloves, you’re guaranteed the best quality. That explains their cult-following of men who can’t leave their house without a pair of Hestra gloves. Now it’s your turn to try them out.

The classic and minimal design of these best leather gloves will top any outfit and last for decades in your capsule wardrobe.

Material: Hairsheep Leather | Lining: Wool | Sizes Available: 7 – 10.5 | Colors Available: Black, Tan, Brown, Dark Brown

Hestra Edward Leather Gloves

If black is too boring for you, check out these tan leather gloves by Myrqvist. Coming in the ideal cognac shade, these leather gloves will add a splash of chic to your look.

You might not be too familiar with deer leather, but let us tell you, it’s durable, soft, lightweight, and warm. It also has a spongy texture that feels ‘oh, so cozy.’ You’ll see what we mean when you get your hands on them (and in them). 

Tan is more versatile than you’d imagine. Pair it with any shade of brown, beige, navy, burgundy, or black to instantly elevate your style.

Material: Deer Leather | Lining: Wool | Sizes Available: 8 – 10.5 | Colors Available: Brown, Black, Tan

Myrqvist Cognac Deer Leather Gloves

Can’t give up using your smartphone even in the brutal cold? Dents’ touchscreen leather gloves are here to save your fingertips from freezing off. Whether you’re sending urgent emails or sharing an Instagram story, these tech leather gloves will be your best companion. 

Tech-friendly features aside, we’re especially digging the cozy wool knitted cuffs. They’re insulating, plus they add a more casual vibe, opening up a vast array of outfit options. Go with jeans and a moto leather jacket for an effortless, model-off-duty look.

Material: Sheep leather | Lining: 50% wool, 50% acrylic | Sizes Available: M – XL | Colors Available: Black, Dark brown

Dents Henley Leather and Wool-Blend Tech Gloves

Whether you’re a Harley lover or you just love road trips, driving gloves will make a huge difference in your whole experience. If you’re in the market for a pair, Milwaukee has a great affordable, sleek option for leather driving gloves.

The durable leather provides protection, grip, and, you guessed it, style. With the thin material, knuckle cut-outs, and velcro strap, you’ll get a comfortable fit that’s great for year-round wear.

If you don’t drive, hold up. These driving gloves will look so stylish paired with a motorcycle jacket and skinny jeans. Why not give this vibe a try for your next street-style look?

Material: Leather | Lining: N/A | Sizes Available: XS – 3XL | Colors Available: Black

Milwaukee Leather Classic Style Driving Gloves

If you’re not so into the chunky look, you may prefer a pair of thin leather gloves. Gucci‘s Horsebit Cashmere–Lined Leather Gloves are our pick for you. Welcome to the House of Gucci.

The buttery soft calf leather has a thin layer of cashmere lining, making these gloves ultra-everything —warm, light, and soft. Gucci‘s signature horsebit embellishment is enough accessory to show off a sleek and stylish look. That means you can ditch those bracelets and rings.

These are the best leather dress gloves to pair with your tuxedo or suit for the full glam at your next black-tie event. They’ll win you so many compliments you’ll never want to take them off.

Material: Leather | Lining: Cashmere | Sizes Available: 8 – 10 | Colors Available: Black

Horsebit Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

Maybe you have sweaty hands. Maybe you live in a warmer climate. Or maybe you’re just too lazy to take your gloves off to text. For whatever reason, some men might prefer to wear fingerless gloves. And the best fingerless leather gloves in the market right now are from Riparo.

We love the all-around perforations on these best leather gloves. They provide enough ventilation to prevent sweaty hands while adding an extra touch of masculinity. 

Embrace your inner tough guy with these fingerless and best leather gloves. They’re offering several fun colorways, so there’s definitely one for everybody.

Material: Lambskin Leather | Lining: N/A | Sizes Available: XS – 3XL | Colors Available: Black, Brown, Red, White, +

Riparo Men’s Leather Fingerless Half-Finger Motorcycle Gloves

If you love a warm, fuzzy feeling, we recommend these sheepskin gloves by UGG. The leather and sheepskin combination adds a fun, lighthearted twist to dull cold-weather outfits.

We know UGGs are known for their boots (they’ve made a comeback). But their most underrated products are their cold-weather accessories like these gloves. Obviously, insulation is guaranteed, and the trendy style is an added bonus. 

Wear these UGG gloves with a chunky cable-knit sweater, denim jeans, and a fair isle scarf for a preppy, everyday look. Beware—your girlfriend might want to steal these from you.

Material: Sheepskin | Lining: Sheepskin | Sizes Available: M – XL | Colors Available: Brown

UGG Contrast Sheepskin Tech Glove

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Leather Gloves

Type of leather

The best Leather gloves are available in a variety of leather options, each with their own unique qualities. Cowhide leather is the most common in gloves—they’re typically smooth and durable. Hairsheep is known for its natural elasticity, smoothness, and lightweight qualities. Deerskin is also a great soft option with more of a pebbled texture.


When purchasing a pair of the best leather gloves, check the lining because that’s what has direct contact with your skin. If you have sensitive skin especially, go for softer linings like cashmere. For the warmest options, choose wool, fleece, or cashmere. For lighter options, you might want to go with an unlined or polyester-lined pair.


When choosing the color of the best leather gloves, consider your current winter wardrobe. Because gloves are an everyday winter accessory, it’s smart to pick a versatile color that goes well with things you already own. To get the most use and least stress when it comes to styling, go for easy, neutral colors like black or brown.

Brown leather gloves on a motorcycle
@redcloudscollective / Instagram


    • To determine the right size of leather gloves for you, you should be able to clench a fist comfortably. There shouldn’t be too much room around your fingers. Also, remember that leather gloves tend to stretch over time.

      • Nowadays, the best men’s leather gloves are sold ready to wear and don’t require much breaking in. But the best and safest way to break in men’s leather gloves is to actually wear them. It may also help to move your hands around a lot when you first buy them.

        • Leather gloves are definitely worth it. The durability and versatility of leather gloves can last you a lifetime with the proper care.

          • Leather gloves should fit your hands snugly but not too tight. You should be able to take your gloves on and off comfortably, and they shouldn’t fall off your hands when your arms are resting down.

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