PRETTY AWKWARD Deliver Friends With Benefits Pop In New Single ‘Woozy’
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PRETTY AWKWARD Deliver Friends With Benefits Pop In New Single ‘Woozy’

First Full Length Album Set To Be Released on September 1st

Seattle Alt.Pop band PRETTY AWKWARD sings about Friends With Benefits in their new single “Woozy”, available now — listen HERE.  The groovy, funky track tells a story of the irresistible pull of reconnecting with an ex to fulfill a mutual need when under the influence – even though the relationship can be toxic.

The band’s Austin Held says “Lyrically, ‘Woozy’ was inspired by poking fun at the kind of relationships that one can have when they’re a young, misguided adult. When you initially vibe with someone it can seem like innocent young love.  But over time it can evolve into an unhealthy and intoxicating “situationship”. It’s one that our main character can’t help but keep returning to over and over again – because it feels so good in the moment”.

 PRETTY AWKWARD (Austin Held, Nicholas Wiggins)

The video for ‘Woozy’ was directed by the band’s Nicholas Wiggins and was filmed in various locations around Seattle. Held says “The storyline revolves around the misadventures of a character named Mr. Woozy and is a perfect example of how the darkest nights can lead to the brightest of dawns. We put a lot of time and energy into this and we’re really proud of the way it turned out as it’s the first music video we’ve released that’s completely DIY. We’ve had this idea of following this character (Mr Woozy) through a crazy night out on the town for a while and it’s awesome to finally see the idea brought to life. We want to thank local Seattle residents for allowing us to blast our music through the streets and thanks for clapping, we’re so grateful for your support and stoked that you enjoyed what you saw”.

Watch it Here

The band is set to release its first full length album “Get Weird” on September 1st. They are rolling out the releases with tour dates in the Northwest, with a full tour set to launch in early 2024.


Friday, September 1st (Album Release Show) – Madame Lou’s – Seattle, WA


The band’s Austin Held (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards) and Nicholas Wiggins (Bass, Piano) have been friends since they were young and grew up together in West Seattle.  That long-time chemistry resonates throughout their music and shows their diverse musical tastes. Their sound is a mosaic of cinematic keys, delicate guitars, and clever and catchy lyrics. Being fans of all genres of music, PRETTY AWKWARD have a wide spectrum of influences ranging from Pop to Rock and Hip Hop along with EDM, resulting in familiar sounds to such artists as Twenty One Pilots, OneRepublic and Bastille.

The music proves as unpredictable as it does undeniable. “We just sort of make what naturally comes out of us,” says Nicholas. “We never try to sound a certain way or do a certain thing.” Austin agrees, saying “We go all over the spectrum. “There are parts that are Alternative Rock (“Misfits”; “Bored”), but there’s an Anthemic electronic influence, too (“Higher”). You might find some hip-hop vibes in there (“Bad Habit”) and we are definitely Pop at points (“Hang Out”).

In the end, PRETTY AWKWARD makes a real connection with fans by simply being themselves. They’ve being playing sold-out shows in the Northwest and throughout the West Coast since their inception.  “I just hope you can relate when you listen to us,” Austin leaves off. “If somebody takes away anything, it’s this level of relatability. You can interpret these songs in so many different ways. That’s a beautiful thing. The message is breathe, relax, and chill. It might sound like a pipe dream, but what else really matters? Life should be fun. We’re here to enjoy ourselves and play music.” Nicholas adds, “We all feel a little awkward sometimes in our lives. There is beauty and growth in those moments. That’s why we are all PRETTY AWKWARD.”

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