The Gritty Story of Bullet Time Shooter ‘El Paso, Elsewhere’ Revealed in New Trailer [Watch]

Developer Strange Scaffold is back with more info on its upcomingMax Payne meets vampires’ neo-noir FPS El Paso, Elsewhere. The new trailer details the story for the game, which is coming later this Fall to Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC via Steam.

In amongst the Bullet Time gameplay that immediately takes you back to Remedy’s gritty 2001 shooter, an equally-gritty voiceover reveals Djedefre, the resurrected son of Khufu, who pursues James Savage (aka the player) through the many twisting 46 floors of a haunted motel that’s crawling with werewolves, fallen angels, and other damned creatures.

El Paso, Elsewhere centres on Black folklore researcher and recovering drug addict James Savage. James returns to his hometown of El Paso, Texas to slay his ex, Draculae, the lord of the vampires,
before she completes a ritual that would destroy the world as we know it. Along the way, he’ll face horrifying supernatural abominations, as well as his own traumatizing memories with Draculae.

Featuring numerous weapons, players will have to experiment with each distinct weapon type to discover the most effective options for each encounter. Bolstered by Bullet Time, which can be activated by diving or a button press, it will take dedication and skill to make it through the night.

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