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‘Kardashians’: Kim Devises A Plan To Set Khloe Up With ‘Hot’ Michele Morrone

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Kim Kardashian was busy preparing for her fashion show with Dolce & Gabbana on the June 15 episode of The Kardashians, but she also took some time out to play matchmaker for her sister, Khloe Kardashian. “At lunch, Domenico goes to me, ‘Oh my God, you’re never going to believe who I invited to sit next to Khloe — the actor Michele Morrone!” Kim told her friends in the episode. Then, she filled viewers in on the backstory behind the situation.

“So Natalie and Olivia [Pierson] for maybe eight months have been like, ‘You have to watch this show on Netflix.’ I think it’s called 365 [Days] or something,” Kim shared. “It’s this super romantic, hot, sexual show. [They’re like], ‘Oh my God, this is the guy. This is the guy.’ He’s, like, the hottest guy.” As she was dishing on how “hot” Michele is, Kim got so flustered that she forgot what question the producer even asked her about the situation.

“He’s so hot,” Kim continued. “He’s in this show, it’s like soft porn, basically. So let’s fully set this up that Khloe falls in love with Milan.” The fashion show took place in Sept. 2022, less than one year after Khloe ended things with Tristan Thompson following his paternity scandal. “I am such a setter upper,” Kim bragged. “My plan is for Khloe to get her mojo back in Milan.”

In another scene, Kim told her friends about all the “cute guys” who were going to be at the after-party of the fashion show. “We’ll have dinner with them,” she insisted. “And Michele Morrone will be there. Khloe’s going to die. She’s going to be so excited. This guy has no idea we’re doing a whole episode about it. Poor guy.”

khloe kardashian michele morrone
Khloe and Michele were briefly linked in Sept. 2022. (Shutterstock)

Back in September, a photo surfaced online of Khloe cozying up to Michele, so now, we know where all of that originated from! Meanwhile, a preview for the June 22 episode of The Kardashians shows Kim’s plan being put in action. “I think he’s super hot,” Khloe said in the sneak peek. “He’s, like, a MAN! I love a good man.”

However, it doesn’t appear that anything ended up coming from this set up. After speculation about a potential relationship between Khloe and Michele began in September, a rep for the actor shut down the reports. “They both attended the Dolce & Gabbana event, and he was asked to take a photograph with her,” Michele’s spokesperson shared. “He thought she was lovely. That is all that happened.”

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