‘The Flash’ Director Andy Muschietti On Ezra Miller: “One Of My Best Experiences With An Actor” – Crew Call Podcast

Despite all the noise The Flash star Ezra Miller created off set in the last year including a burglary charge for stealing liquor from a neighbor’s house in Vermont, among myriad other tabloid headlines, filmmakers who’ve worked with the actor vouch they’re the consummate professional with zero melodrama on set.

Daliland filmmaker Mary Harron told us this out of TIFF about Miller who plays the young artist in that film, and Flash director Andy Muschietti and sister producing partner Barbara Muschietti continue to underscore that.

Andy Muschietti tells us on the latest episode of Crew Call that Miller is “definitely one of my best experiences with an actor in my whole career.”

“I knew it from the movies I’ve seen with them. It wasn’t until I met them, that I realized that they were an impeccable comedian as well,” the director continues.

“Given that there’s lot of levity and humor in this story, there’s this odd couple we created with the original Barry (Allen) and the young Barry, and they have these differences which makes them a couple at odds. They created such an amazing, not only a depiction of each of them, but just the ability to switch from one character to the other,” says Muschietti.

Essentially, Miller would go from playing one twin to the other before and after lunch, the priority being which character was bearing the bulk of the drama in the scene. The Muschiettis worked with Miller over six months of prep and across 138 shooting days.

“Truly the commitment, the discipline, the humor, the fun, the excitement of doing this for them; for them it was an opportunity. For years, Ezra has been an obscure actor, because they were doing a lot of independent movies. This is a movie that portrays their full abilities as a performer,” Andy Muschietti adds.

We talk with the Muschiettis about landing Michael Keaton as Batman, Sasha Calle’s new Supergirl, newly installed DC Bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran’s notes on the film and the new It-prequel Max series, Welcome to Derry.

Muschietti has already said that he’s open to having Miller reprise Barry Allen in a Flash sequel. The current Rotten Tomatoes critical score for The Flash is 72% fresh from 86 reviews. Tracking has the domestic opening for The Flash at around $75M.

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