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“Get Over Yourself” by Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander’s musical career is proof positive that, when properly motivated, anyone can juggle the demands of multiple career paths. A South Florida-based physician anesthesiologist by day, Alexander began exploring his musical talents six years ago and has released four albums in that time span. His latest studio recording, set it hit this month, entitled Young Man’s Eyes maintains the prolific pace he’s set for himself and likewise the same high-quality standards established by his prior collections. The album’s first single “Get Over Yourself” makes this clear.

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It’s a relentless dance tune with an important message. No one can accuse Alexander of producing fluff music solely driven by a desire to entertain. Instead, he’s always working towards brightening the listener’s musical experience with substantive lyrical content that doesn’t pander to the lowest common denominator. The words for “Get Over Yourself” are a call to arms for listeners to look past their own wants and needs and see the bigger picture. Each of us is unique and we have our roles to play in life’s greater scheme, but we are also interconnected in ways that we frequently forget or gloss over.

He shares the vocal stage with veteran vocalist Gigi Worth. Worth has long ago built a reputation as one of popular music’s most talented backing singers thanks to her work alongside such formidable figures as Whitney Houston, David Crosby, Michael McDonald, and many others. She has since embarked on a successful solo career and her pairing with Alexander should further raise her profile.

They pack a wallop as a tandem. Each singer takes respective sections of the song rather than trading off lines. Alexander and Worth fuel their phrasing with the necessary energy to kickstart the song’s message and burn with a white-hot passion. Their presence, however, never strains for effect nor sounds overwrought. There’s a carefully measured approach in the way they tackle the lyrics and the difference in their voices creates an exciting contrast certain to garner considerable audience appeal.

The dance music style of the song’s pace and instrumentation doesn’t jettison other influences. There’s a generous amount of rock guitar laden into the arrangement, especially near the song’s conclusion, and the percussion establishes a hard-driving pace from the outset. “Get Over Yourself” is a propulsive and physically engaging listening experience. Alexander sounds inspired throughout and attacks the song with a contagious life-affirming vigor.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/young-mans-eyes/1685321278

It’s an excellent way of introducing his latest studio release. He works with superb musicians and other collaborators each time out. This commitment to excellence hasn’t failed Alexander yet and there’s no indication he’s losing steam. Instead, Alexander seems like he’s scaling new peaks with each release. The South Florida-based singer and songwriter appears geared to take on the world with “Get Over Yourself” and repeated listens of this new single bear out that idea. If you haven’t heard this powerful singer before now, this is the perfect opportunity to climb on board and experience his passion in full flight and soaring higher than ever before.

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