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How Stars Are Getting ‘Slim Waists & Flat Tummies’ Without Surgery Or Downtime: Expert (Exclusive)

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Forget lipsuction and forget Ozempic — many celebrities are relying on natural methods to prepare for major events, slim down and feel their best. NYC-based skincare expert and founder of JTAV Clinical Skincare Joie Tavernise spoke to HollywoodLife.com about the rising trend of natural methods for shaping and shrinking the waist that celebrities are doing weekly! “These days celebrities want treatments that deliver quick and noticeable results, without having to take away from their busy schedule with downtime or recovery. With the busy event season here, the top treatments right now are EmSculpt Neo, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and TruSculpt,” she explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “The beauty of these treatments is that they work with your body naturally to achieve a slimmer waist and flat tummy.”

Most recently, fans saw fitness expert Melissa Wood Tepperberg visit JTAV for a lymphatic drainage massage to prepare for her Sports Illustrated: Swim shoot. “Lymphatic drainage massage uses slow and steady pressure on the entire body to stimulate the lymph nodes and eliminate excess fluid and waste. The therapist uses their hands as well as various tools in a specific set of rhythmic movements with botanical extracts to encourage the flow of excess fluid and decrease swelling, bloating, and water retention from fluid buildup,” Joie explained the process of the treatment that helps the body detox toxins and reduces inflammation. “Lymphatic drainage massage can also improve circulation and boost the immune system.”

The expert advised for consumers to schedule a lymphatic drainage massage about 3-5 days out from your event; however, it is safe to do it even on the day of. She also noted that, if time permits, it’s recommended to schedule consistent lymphatic drainage massages 3-6 months out from your special event for optimal results. “The best way to maintain your results is to regularly schedule your appointments and stick to a homecare routine,” the JTAV founder explained. ” At home, I love dry brushing my body and using my new Lift & Sculpt Facial Roller for a self-care routine that not only feels wonderful and relaxing but also keeps any lymph or fluid in my face and body from becoming stagnant in-between treatments.”

Joie also suggested combining the EmSculpt Neo and lymphatic drainage massages to maximize your results. “EmSculpt Neo works deep in the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks to create rapid muscle contractions and burn fat with at a rate that is much higher than can be achieved through working out alone. A lymphatic drainage massage following EmSculpt Neo will release any lactic acid and prevent any soreness or muscle fatigue,” she told HL.

Unlike liposuction or even CoolSculpting, these treatments require no downtime and no risk, which is why they have become a more popular, natural choice for celebrities as of late. Additionally, as Joie pointed out, EmSculpt Neo, TruSculpt and lymphatic drainage massages “work naturally with your body to burn fat and build muscle, rather than simply removing the fat.”

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