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Kim Kardashian Defends Pete Davidson Barely Being On Reality Show: ‘That’s Not What He Does’

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Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian have had enough of the narrative that they’ve held back from sharing deeply personal things about themselves on The Kardashians. On the show’s June 1 episode, Kim pulled up an article that criticized Khloe for what she shared about her second pregnancy amidst Tristan Thompson’s  cheating and paternity scandal. “I like to read things to be up on what people are trying to say,” Kim admitted. “I love getting the feedback from everyone. There was an article about season 2 of our show that said that Khloe didn’t give enough with her Tristan situation. First of all, we filmed everything. She shared everything.”

Khloe also pointed out that she was “vulnerable” with her surrogacy situation, and said there was a reason that she waited until after the baby was born to share more about it. “I wasn’t admitting to myself what was happening!” Khloe explained. “I made that very clear.”

kim khloe kardashian
Kim and Khloe Kardashian at an event. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

The article also criticized Kim and said that she wasn’t sharing enough, either, because Kanye West rarely appeared on the show. “What do you want me to do?!” she wondered. “I don’t talk to him, so what am I going to do…send a camera? It’s not that I’m unwilling. It’s that my ex didn’t want to be on a reality show.” In a confessional, she added, “You can’t film with someone who’s not a cast member and doesn’t have aspirations of being on a reality show. I talk about him. I will definitely talk about my co-parenting struggles from my point of view.”

The same went for her relationship with Pete Davidson. “It’s hard when you start dating someone and you live life on a reality show,” Kim said. “Pete and I had that conversation right away. You obviously know what you’re getting yourself into. But then fans were like, ‘Pete’s not on the show.” And I was like, ‘We said that from the start. It’s not what he does.’ Then I opened up and had him on the show. I talked about every last thing.”

kim kardashian pete davidson
Kim and Pete at the Met Gala. (Carl Timpone/BFA.com/Shutterstock)

Khloe agreed that she would not have someone who she was newly dating on the show, either. Kim expanded on the situation in another confessional. “I’m not going to meet someone and be like, ‘Pause, before we get to a place [where we’re serious], will you be on my show?’ No,” she explained. “He was still on [the show], guys. He was on at what level he was comfortable to be on.”

Scott Disick then questioned whether or not Kim and Khloe would want to just be done with the show so they wouldn’t have to deal with this criticism. Despite the backlash, though, Kim said she wouldn’t want to give up reality TV. “I love doing this show because I think I look at it as an opportunity to help other people with what they’re going through,” Kim admitted. “The amount of letters I get of people saying, ‘You really helped me with you managed this and went through this.’ I love being able to show people what we go through on a daily basis.”

At the end of the conversation, though, Kim and Khloe both agreed that they still felt like they gave more to the show than their other family members. “We’re sharing every last detail of our lives,” Kim shared. “I share all about me wanting to lose weight…I’m brutalized. I’m the face of all this criticism. But I just think our show is what made us and I’ll always want to give it my all. I’ll always want to film and be part of it and give everything I can.”

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