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Farrah Abraham Reveals Battle With ‘Debilitating’ Sinusitis Resulting In Puffy Face

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Farrah Abraham opened up about battling sinusitis in a now-deleted Instagram Story on Wednesday, May 31. The Teen Mom star, 32, shared a video of herself speaking along with a screengrab of an outlet commenting on her appearance. She admitted that she’d been battling the condition, which lead to her “puffy” appearance. “Hey, all. As it is my birthday, I just wanted to say I have been having a puffy face because I have sinusitis, which is a chronic debilitating situation,” she explained.

Farrah continued and said that she’d been trying to get a diagnosis for a while, and she was getting a medical procedure to address the issue. “You get allergy shots, you get steroids, and in order to be diagnosed with sinusitis usually it takes a year for your doctor to understand that that’s what that is,” she said. “I’m actually going under surgery next week after my birthday.”

Farrah spoke about her diagnosis on her Instagram Story. (MEGA)

Farrah continued by clapping back at people who didn’t understand the condition and made comments about her appearance. “Thank you for others who are saying negative things and not being educated on the matter,” she said. “Most of us suffer with sinusitis and do not know that that’s what is affecting our eyes, our cheeks, our whole nasal area, and so that’s just what has happened: our sinuses give out.”

Sinusitis occurs when areas of the nose and mouth are inflamed and swollen for long periods of time, according to the Mayo ClinicSome symptoms include congestion causing difficulty breathing, runny nose, nasal drainage, less sense of smell and taste, as well as swelling.

The video comes nearly three months after Farrah clapped back at haters when her daughter Sophia, 14, got snakebite piercings. She responded to critics who didn’t think it was appropriate by saying that she had her own thoughts about parenting in an interview with TMZ“I don’t really agree with other parents who just allow their kids to drink alcohol already as a young teenager or have sex already as young teenagers,” she said. “I’m not going to really agree with my child dating or having sex right now [or] child experimenting with drugs and possibly dying right now. So there’s definitely real-life things that parents are really going through that are probably way more difficult than piercings that might get rejected.”

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