‘Fear the Invisible Man’ Trailer – New Adaptation of H.G. Wells Story Looks Surprisingly Good

A long-lost Kaiju movie from the 1960s, SRS Cinema has announced this week that they’ve hooked The Whale God for release here in the United States, and it’s coming soon.

Exclusively reported by Sci-fi Japan, “This is the first official North American release for The Whale God, which has also been marketed internationally under the title Killer Whale.”

The Whale God was originally released by Daiei in 1962, and it “features stunning life-size practical effects” that you can preview in the black & white film’s trailer down below.

In the film, directed by Tokuzo Tanaka, “Once a year, the quiet fishing village of Wadaura in Southern Japan is in a turmoil. The whalers have always concentrated their efforts to try and catch a Killer Whale which is easily twice as large as an ordinary leviathan, and passes by in the offing at the same time every year.

“Shaki, whose grandfather, father, and elder brother were all victims of the Killer Whale, is determined to kill it. As an inducement, the headman of the village promises to give his only daughter and all his possessions to anyone who succeeds in disposing of the terrible whale.”

Kojiro Hongo (Gamera series) and Takeshi Shimura (Godzilla) star.

According to Sci-fi Japan, SRS Cinema will be releasing The Whale God on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital. Stay tuned for more release information as we learn it. What a time to be alive!

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