Antonio and Christian Anderson Speak Out On “THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE IN US. GOD DID Inspirational Apparel
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Antonio and Christian Anderson Speak Out On “THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE IN US. GOD DID Inspirational Apparel

“A House Productions”(Antonio, Darrell, Christian, Bryce and Blair Anderson) have created a sensational, inspirational, and inescapable edgy new apparel line trademarked “THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE IN US. GOD DID” ….words of enlightenment. The new clothing line was conceived by serial entrepreneur, and inventor Antonio Anderson when galvanized by the Instagram of a world-renowned celebrity.

Antonio thought it interesting that those very words came from someone in the entertainment industry. Antonio knew that those words were not new in the Christian community. While cutting the grass in his front lawn Antonio stated he heard God tell him to check the name. And then he heard it again….. at that point he entered his house and told his youngest son, Christian what he had heard. Christian responded “dad, that will be a miracle.” Antonio checked with his patent attorney who then was able to trademark the name in only a months time, and thus the creation of GODDID.

Antonio is often asked what the words “THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE IN US. GOD DID” mean. His reply is “Everyone on this planet has a dream or idea or just something they want to do in life. Maybe they want to get a college degree or start a business or get married or even be a superstar. There are always people in life who don’t want you to succeed but you have to remember the word of God states in James 1:17 ‘every good and perfect gift is from above’.”

Their mission is “ to inspire, and enlighten the world through their own testimonials with our global brand.” Antonio and brother Darrell are the co-founders. Christian Anderson is the brand digital content producer. He is responsible for all commercials, website, design, and social media development. Bryce Anderson is the brand designer and visionary for the brands styling. Blair Anderson is the brands top model.

In a conversation with Antonio and Christian we learn the story behind the vision…..

Christian, you thought it was a miracle when your dad heard God say hey this is the thing to do. So, tell me a little bit about that.

Christian– my dad initially came to me and told me about it. He’s always pitching new ideas. New concepts. I’ve been growing up and he’s always had some type of idea that would take us to the next level. So, for me it was just okay, all right here we go again. But I wasn’t mocking it off or anything like that. I thought if you could pull this thing off that would be amazing. Let’s try and make it happen.

You call people like your dad serial entrepreneurs.

Yep. So my stand behind it was, okay well it’s going to be a miracle to pull off, but let’s do it, go for it.

So do you wear the product? Do you wear the fashion?

Oh yeah, absolutely! I love the brand. I love what my brother has designed. What he’s come up with I think is a beautiful message.

How many family members are involved in this? Tell me who everyone is and who they belong to. I already know Darrell is Antonio’s brother.

Darrell Anderson is my uncle. That is my dad’s older brother. My brother Bryce Anderson is the designer. He came up with the logo. He works with all the manufacturers in China. He’s the creative designer. My sister Blair Anderson is our lead model. In total there are just three of us that are the keys. Obviously, the founder of it is Antonio Anderson.

Now Antonio, so you get this idea mowing your lawn. Get into that a little bit.

Antonio- it was just another normal Sunday and I was cutting the grass. I heard God’s voice speak to me in reference to the fact that I had been hearing a very famous celebrity say They Didn’t Believe In Us, God Did. Being a part of the Christian community this was not a new saying, however, I thought it was interesting to hear a celebrity speaking those words. When I finished cutting the grass I mentioned it to my so Christian, who said “that would take a miracle to pull that off dad.” The next day I contacted my patent attorney and found out there was no trademark on the slogan. He filed for the patent in June of last year and the trademark was initially approved within 30 days. We contacted a manufacturer in China and the rest is history.

How do people order them from you?

Right now you could go on our website at and you can order the hats and hoodies and everything there. Also, we have a store at my business. A lot of folks don’t know but my background is a hair stylist. We have a building in the Decatur area. So we run a store inside of that where we actually have people come in and buy directly from there. So, we have two ways,
in person in our physical location and online.

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