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“Love One Another” by Alias Wayne

A bold bouquet of melodies as sterling as they are enriched by the delicate acoustic arrangement of the instrumentation welcomes us into the new single “Love One Another” from Alias Wayne, but as we’re soon to learn in this song, which comes to us sans a lot of the frills I’m used to hearing in pop music, the intro to this track is just a hint of what’s to come. Alias Wayne serenades us with the help of a delicate arrangement opposite his rustic drawl, and while these verses perhaps embody a different emotional narrative here than they were initially intended to, it’s in this department where our singer/songwriter makes his new single such a distinct song. This isn’t about the past, but instead establishing a sense of connection with his future self.


Detail isn’t quite as important as the emotion with which Alias Wayne is putting these lyrics to the audience in “Love One Another,” but this isn’t to suggest that he’s cutting corners in his construction of the track. Contrarily, I think this formula fosters a situation where there’s a bit more emphasis on the passion of the players than there would have been otherwise, which is a statement about what this artist values in comparison to his peers. He could care less about the intricacies of the backdrop – he’s got a story to tell that transcends his surroundings, and it’s only through his demeanor at the microphone that we’re able to grasp the weight of everything he’s trying to get across to us.

The harmonies forged between our singer and the instrumentation in this performance are indeed as enticing as they are breathtaking in spots, but they’re not necessarily the primary focus as we wrap around the second half of “Love One Another” and the climactic instrumental foundations start to take over the spotlight. There’s a buxomness to the arrangement of these melodic and physical components in the song that undisputedly wins our attention over the simplistic exchange between verses in the latter act here, but we don’t wind up feeling lost in the pressure and tension created by the music nearing its potent conclusion. Alias Wayne has too much on the line to abandon ship midway through his voyage, and thus, his efforts turn into one of the more complete and thoroughly personal releases you’re probably going to hear before the winter season has ended.

A portrait that is arguably equal parts personality and an homage to influences, Alias Wayne’s “Love One Another” is a compellingly well-thought-out work, especially for being a pop song, and although it’s on the more cut-and-dry side of the melodic spectrum, this is one of its most endearing charms. Alias Wayne neither holds interest in exploiting the virtues of decadence nor does he want to pursue something bleached by minimalism in his take on this future classic; he’s on a mission to give us a greater piece of his soul than most artists can muster in this capacity, and I think he did a pretty amazing job with “Love One Another.” This isn’t a confessional per se, but it’s an opportunity to see what one might sound like from a player of this depth.

Trace Whittaker

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