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Sincerely, Brenda Carsey in ‘Man of Mine’ 

Brenda Carsey is a Los Angeles-based vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Her music has been described as brilliant, timeless, playful, and larger than life R&B/Soul and Progressive Pop. Carsey delivers an engaging, energetic show, with her unmistakably unique sound rooted in the classic pop diaspora. Carsey’s voice is uninhibited with a virtuosic range, mixing a syrupy sweet sound with a beautiful soulful darkness. She will stop you in your tracks with poetic lyrics, fluid melodies, engaging chord progressions, funky rhythms, and a voice filled with passion and soul.  2022 has brought the release of four new singles, all from her much anticipated upcoming full-length album “Cognizance” which is set for release at the top of 2023.

Brenda Carsey has played at heavy hitting music festival Lightning in a Bottle opening for The California Honeydrops and Orgone, Feed LA Festival opening for Daniel Lanois and Lantz Lazwell, and Echo Park Rising Festival 5 years in a row to name a few. Carsey has toured the entire Western US (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona), has toured throughout Alaska, and also frequents Nashville and New York. In her home base of Los Angeles she has performed on the iconic stages of Moroccan Lounge (headlined), The Hotel Cafe (headlined), The Bootleg Theater (co-headline with Karmic), The Teragram Ballroom (opening for Chris Ayer), The Satellite, The Hi-Hat, Harvard & Stone (headlined + residency) and more. Carsey is sponsored by companies Dexibell (keyboard) and Sennheiser (microphones) and has been featured in LadyGunn, Earmilk, Metal Magazine, Notion, LA Weekly, Grimy Goods, Atwood Magazine, Culture Collide, Buzzbands.LA, and more and has had her music played on California radio stations KCSN, KXLU, KPIG, and KSQD.

Carsey has been studying music and performing since the age of five. From choirs, orchestras, and marching bands to soul, jazz, rock, pop, folk, hip hop, and electronic groups, cabaret stage shows, and solo projects, it seems Carsey has done it all. She plays both piano and guitar and performs both solo and with a full band ranging in size and instrumentation depending on the show. Carsey also produces electronic music and has been featured as an instrumentalist and vocalist on many projects in partnership with Netflix (Easy Bake Battle, Babysitter’s Club, Better Call Saul, Tiger King The Musical), The Voice (TV Show), Joy Ride (award winning short film), Rapture (Versa Media show), as well as on albums by Whitney Tai, Cesar Saez, Phoebe Silva, Kid Lightning, Clark Chimp, and Feral Kizzy.

Give us the set up of how your latest song ‘Man of Mine’ came to be?

I don’t usually write love songs that are rooted in joy. Most of my writing and inspiration comes from observing and experiencing the heavier elements of the human experience and societal failings such as gun violence, abuse of women, gaslighting and manipulation, depression and pain, capitalism, and control. My happier-toned songs tend to centre around themes of self-reflection, growth, consciousness, and acceptance. Always big concepts, big lessons. This new song, “Man of Mine”, sincerely wrote itself and arose from the genuine love and gratitude I have for my partner. It is deeply moving to experience the kind of commitment, support, kindness, and love that my partner has shown me. Through his willingness, I have learned the depth, softness, and possibility of love and what it means to have a true relationship. It’s a gift I cherish. Writing and releasing this positive love song is one small way I can share this love with the world.

What is setting your music apart from what is being heard in the music industry today?

My music is organic in both its instrumentation (there’s no electronic elements on my current singles and upcoming record; every part and instrument was played live by great musicians playing in harmony together) and its writing. It’s honest, exposed, soulful, and raw with a polish that makes it stand out and stand up to the current music paradigm.

How are you multiplying the ways your music is being heard?

Music and how far it reaches is truly a gamble based on talent, of course, but also based on access and the depths of one’s pockets. It’s incredibly difficult to break through on talent alone. I’m very grateful to have a community of people who have helped me bring my art to fruition a couple times now via crowdfunding. I also play my butt off out in the world constantly to get my music out there live in person. And I have also worked with some PR agencies to help spread the music to different audiences I may not have access to.

Why is it so important for you to continue to make new music that matters?

Because it’s my purpose in this lifetime. It’s what I do.

Keeping up with you is always fun, where can our audience listen to you NEXT?

My highly anticipated full-length album “Cognizance” drops everywhere digitally on January 9th, 2023! It is available currently for both vinyl and digital preorder only on my Bandcamp page

My big album and vinyl release show celebration is happening January 22nd, 2023 at Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, CA. Discounted pre-sale tickets go on sale on Monday, December 5th, 2022.

I also plan on touring the new album around the country next year so stay tuned!

Leave us with a meaningful story that connects to your latest music and what is the ultimate takeaway for your fans?

I recently did an in person interview with Women Creating Magic that covers a huge breadth of subject matter from intimate details about my life to my musical journey to the music industry to overcoming abuse and lighthearted stuff like favorite TV shows too. Definitely worth the watch for a meaningful story that can connect me with any new fans looking for a unique introduction.

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