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Milanis Clark is Performing in Her Blood

Milanis Clark has performing in her blood. This is often a cliché but, in the case of Clark, it’s clear. Her mother Yeimis is a respected professional dancer, co-founder of nonprofit Designed 2 Dance, and has long artistic relationships with legendary acts such as Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, among others. The Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam connection is crucial as Clark’s stepmother Toni Menage is Lisa Lisa’s personal manager. These connections provide Clark with a crucial foundation few other young performers share.

Clark, at the end of the day however, is making strides because of her hard work and talent. It’s talent that first announced itself at 3 years old when the toddler Clark began appearing in local restaurants singing for patrons. Those appearances led to numerous showings in local talent shows as well. Clark’s name began generating the necessary buzz to secure roles in Michael Jackson vs. Prince Collections as well as School House Rocks productions.

She’s balanced the demands of growing up, such as school, with her career ambitions. Maintaining that balance has allowed her to do things such as appear in the Disney+ production Better Nate than Never. This was a major achievement for Clark as she shared screen credit with legends such as former Friends cast member Lisa Kudrow, along with several other notable actors.

Roles such as that brought her to the attention of those handling the casting for Tina – The Tina Turner Musical and Clark soon landed the important role of Young Alline. The older sister to the Young Anna Mae, Turner before fame hit, Clark inhabited the role rather than simply playing it. This high profile role shot Clark into the stratosphere of public attention and opened the door to what she’s enjoying now.

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Her recent casting in the new musical Ella: An American Miracle associates Clark with a first class Broadway production chronicling the life of American singing legend Ella Fitzgerald. The musical makes extensive use of Fitzgerald’s extensive song catalog which likewise falls comfortably within Clark’s wheelhouse as one of her passions away from the stage is singing.

She’s employed vocal and acting coaches to help refine her talents. This dedication to self-improvement has paid off in a growing list of roles any child actor would covet. The ultimate strength working for Clark, however, remains the solid family foundation she has and their well-versed experiences within the same entertainment world where young Milanis is currently finding her way.

She’s in good hands. The professional and familial forces surrounding Milanis Clark will continue fostering her career from the sidelines and steering her clear of the often inevitable but nevertheless clichéd pitfalls customarily plaguing the path of child actor’s. She won’t end up another one of those stories. Clark is clearly positioned to go on to great accomplishments and coming in on the ground floor of such achievements in the making is a thrilling and satisfying experience. It will be a pleasure to see just how far she goes because, without question, her future is limitless.

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