Konami to Reveal “Latest Updates” on the ‘Silent Hill’ Franchise This Wednesday

The developer behind the Bloodborne PSX game (check out our review here) is returning to From Software’s game once again. But this time, in the form of… a kart racer? Yes, Lilith Walther has been working on their Bloodborne Kart fan project since March, and has now dropped a proper teaser for the game featuring Gherman, the First Hunter himself, driving around in his souped-up wheelchair.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Featuring music by YouTuber TheNobleDemon, the trailer features Gherman racing around with his cane and “motorized” wheelchair, dropping quips from the game as he chases the Hunter on hit motorbike. And just like other certain combat kart games, Bloodborne Kart will feature weapons that you’ll be able to use against your opponents, including the Hunter’s Pistol and Axe, the Burial Blade, and even the Gatling gun.

As for who else is in Bloodborne Kart besides the Hunter and Gherman, Lilith has already posted short clips of Father Gascoigne and The Doll in action.

As with Bloodborne PSX, this kart racer is only going to be released on PC. If you’d like to help with development, you can head over to Lilith’s Patreon to chip in a few bucks. Lilith has been posting almost daily Twitter threads detailing the game’s development, so if you’re into gamedev stuff, enjoy!

Thanks to Eurogamer for the heads up.

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