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20 Of The Best Socks For Men: Quality, Everyday Picks for All Budgets in 2022

An essential part of any outfit that often gets overlooked, the best socks for men are one of the most important investments you can make. I’m not saying to drop $100 on a pair of socks, but it pays to give a bit more consideration to what goes on your feet. Good socks can go a long way in terms of comfort and style, so it’s worth paying attention to the vast options available. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your footwear, these are the best men’s socks on the market today. Keep reading to discover your feet’s new best friends. 

Our Top Picks

tailored navy pants, matching socks and black dress shoes
myrqvist / Instagram

CDLP Mid-Length Socks

Material: 89% Bamboo, 9% Polyamide, 2% Elastane | Sizes Available: EU 39-42, 43-46 | Colors Available: Black, White, Gray, Navy | Style: Mid-Length

To the person who invented bamboo socks, we salute you. The innovation is nothing short of genius, as bamboo fibers are ultra-breathable, anti-bacterial, and moisture-wicking to keep those little piggies fresh all day long.

For any guy looking for unmatched comfort and a hefty dose of luxury, CDLP has a set of the best socks for men. Completed with a comfortable rib and reinforced toe, these odor-masking socks are impossible to top. 

Unrecorded Organic Blend Socks

Material: 85% Organic Cotton, 13% Polyamide, 2% Elastane | Sizes Available: EU 35-38, 39-42, 43-46 | Colors Available: Gray, Yellow, Navy, Black, + | Style: Mid-Length

Good everyday socks are hard to come by, but Unrecorded’s unique fabric blend makes this pair unrivaled. Constructed from an organic mix of cotton, polyamide, and elastane, these socks for men are soft as can be with a touch of stretch.

Finished with six striking colorways, you’ll always be able to find a pair that matches today’s outfit, so go ahead and get them in every hue. 

Wahts Simons Invisible Socks

Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane | Sizes Available: EU 40-42, 43-45 | Colors Available: Gray, Blue, Black | Style: No-Show

For loafers, Vans, or anything in between, low-cut shoes call for no-show socks (let’s not go sockless, guys). Rather than slipping into the abyss—I mean, your shoe—these socks from Wahts feature a silicon strip on the heel to keep them in prime position wherever your feet take you.

Kiss blisters goodbye and soft socks hello. These are the ideal choice for warm weather wear. 

Percival Spaceman Socks

Material: 70% Cotton 18% Polyester 12% Elastane | Sizes Available: One Size (6-11) | Colors Available: White, Black | Style: Mid Calf

I’ll spare you the corniness of a Neil Armstrong joke but will say these spaceman socks are a subtle statement that makes an everyday look a bit more interesting.

If you want to go bolder, Percival has plenty of styles to choose from, like a Sriracha bottle, bowls of ramen, and a colorful parrot duo. Head further afield, and you’ll find a toad sitting under a mushroom, dominating dinosaurs, and a pair of socks donning bright orange octopus (octopi?). Whichever pattern you choose, your personality will shine with these socks for men. 

Swiftwick Aspire Seven Compression Socks

Material: 79% Nylon, 17% Olefin, 4% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: Black | Style: Crew

Whether you’re headed on a long-haul flight or simply battle swollen ankles daily, these compression socks are designed to have top-tier support. They also wick moisture and have a thin design, making them some of the best socks for men who get sweaty feet.

At $20 a pair, they’re certainly a pricier option but worth every cent since they hug the contours of your feet. Wear them for travel, exercise, or while sitting at your desk. You may even forget they’re there at all. 

Løci Bamboo Socks

Material: 87% Bamboo | Sizes Available: M/L | Colors Available: Black, White, Multi | Style: Ankle

We’ve already boasted our love for bamboo socks, and this pair from Løci is no exception. Ideal for sneakers and other low-cut shoes, these socks may show off your mankles, but they’ll do it in style.

Like all good bamboo socks, they feel like pure silk when on and keep feet cool and breathable, even during endurance activities. If you’re sick of cotton rubbing against your ankles or sweating through wool socks during workouts, give bamboo a go. You’ll never be the same again. 

Uniform Standard Organic Sneaker Sock

Material: Organic Cotton | Sizes Available: One Size | Colors Available: White, Black, Gray | Style: Ankle

Uniform Standard knows a thing or two about sneakers, which gives them plenty of authority in the sneaker sock world, too.

These are the best socks for men who are looking for a no-fuss pair to wear with kicks. High tops, slip-ons, lace-ups, and beyond, these premium socks will do any pair of sneakers justice without stealing the limelight. 

Smartwool Classic Hiking Sock

Material: 100% Wool | Sizes Available: M-XL | Colors Available: Chestnut, Navy, Gray, Sage, + | Style: Mid Length

When it comes to hiking, there’s nothing as important as your sock choice. You can wear the best hiking boots in the world, but if they’re not padded by a soft liner, you’re guaranteed a one-way ticket to blister town. Smartwool is renowned for making some of the best socks for men, especially when it comes to hiking.

Crafted from soft merino wool with full cushioning, these socks will keep your feet warm and dry no matter the backcountry conditions. I have a pair myself, and as an avid hiker, I’ll never wear anything else on the trail. 

Under Armour Performance Tech Socks

Material: 69% Polyester, 28% Cotton, 3% Spandex | Sizes Available: M-XL | Colors Available: Black, Red, Blue, White | Style: No Show

Every runner has experienced sock slippage at one point or another, so Under Armour developed a pair that stays locked and loaded while your feet slap the ground. As some of the best socks for men, the polyester cotton blend stays cool during hard cardio, and mesh panels contribute to enhanced breathability.

But what’s really special about these running socks is they contour to the feet and even have arch support to help you push through fatigue and stay comfortable no matter how many miles you have left to go. 

Falke Airport Virgin Wool Blend Socks

Material: 60% Virgin Wool, 23% Cotton, 15% Polyamide, 2% Elastane | Sizes Available: EU 39-40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46 | Colors Available: Blue, Pink, Green, Charcoal, + | Style: Mid Length

My dad has been wearing colorful dress socks my entire life, and let me just say, when it comes to style, the man never misses. This virgin wool blend pair from Falke ensure style and comfort first and foremost and are designed to be worn for long periods of time without breaking a sweat.

With six striking colors to choose from, don’t be surprised if these socks are the new talking point of your business casual outfit.

Axel Arigato Varsity Tube Sock

Material: 80% Cotton, 19% Polyamide, 1% Elastane | Sizes Available: EU 36-40, 41-45 | Colors Available: Beige, Black, Blue | Style: Crew

You know that scene in Risky Business? Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about, where Tom Cruise slides in wearing a big white button-down and a pair of tube socks. Talk about athletic socks at their finest.

If you’re looking to replicate the style with a twenty-first-century upgrade, Axel Arigato forgoes the classic university stripe and opts for a simple monogram A instead. This athletic pair is a solid statement piece to match socks with your outfit, whether you’re hitting the gym or the town (or sliding into your living room). 

Myrqvist Oscar Cotton Socks

Material: 88% Cotton, 10% Polyamide, 2% Elastane | Sizes Available: One Size | Colors Available: Black, Gray, Navy | Style: Mid Length

I guess we can debate whether Tom Cruise was wearing athletic socks or crew socks, so if you want another pair to complete your Risky Business look, these are the best socks from Myrqvist.

They feature everything a good crew sock should have: a ribbed design, soft cotton construction, and neutral color options for everyday wear. And if you love the feel of these bad boys, they also come in a knee-high length. 

Asket Merino Socks

Material: 65% Merino Wool, 35% Polyamide | Sizes Available: | Colors Available: Gray, Beige, Navy, Black, + | Style: Full Calf

It may come as a surprise to hear that wool socks are actually ideal for all-season wear, not just cold weather. Wool has insane moisture-wicking qualities, not to mention the super soft fibers, making it a choice material when it comes to sock construction.

Merino wool is as fine as it comes, so if you want to treat your toes to a little TLC, these are the best socks for men. The ribbed knit is timelessly stylish, and the seven neutral colorways will complete any outfit.

For the fashionable man with high-end taste, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair of socks as good as these. 

Hot Feet Thermal Socks

Material: Acrylic, Polyester, Spandex | Sizes Available: One Size (US Men’s 6-12.5) | Colors Available: 17 Options | Style: Mid Length 

Imagine trapping all of your body heat and concentrating it on frozen toes… That’s what Hot Feet Socks do. Rather than allowing precious warmth to escape, the socks lock it in with tight thermal construction and soft material that wicks moisture instead of absorbing it.

These socks are the best for winter and pair nicely with boots. And with so many color options, it’s never a bad idea to stock up for the chillier months. 

two pack of men's socks

Material: 45% cotton, 45% acrylic, 9% polyester, 1% spandex | Sizes Available: US 7-12 | Colors Available: Grey/Blue, Grey/Green | Style: Mid Length 

Ah yes, the cotton sock. A staple for any man’s wardrobe. If you’re sick of the mass-produced options cluttering the market, this pair from Mr P. are some of the best socks for men.

Soft and sleek, they have a ribbed knit to keep them from slipping down your ankles and a creamy colorway that’ll be the star of any monochrome look. Don’t count out your cotton socks. Instead, use them to pull your outfit together. 

Morjas The Sock

Material: 100% Mercerized Cotton | Sizes Available: EU 39-41, 42-44, 45-47 | Colors Available: Black, Navy, Brown, Gray, + | Style: Knee High

Aptly named ‘The Sock,’ this pair from Morjas make for epic boot companions. Thanks to the longer, knee-high cut, these socks will stay in prime position all day long. Rather than slipping down into the abyss (your boots), the tighter ribbed portion holds them in place with seamless construction for added comfort.

Finished with six earth tones to choose from and silky Italian cotton, these are the best socks for men seeking convenience and quality. 

Nike Moisture Wicking Crew Socks

Material: 49% Polyester, 43% Cotton, 6% Nylon, 2% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-L | Colors Available: Black, White | Style: Mid Calf

Nike crew socks have been an iconic staple for thousands (millions?) of men worldwide. Though they’re some of the best socks for men in general, they come in particularly handy for workouts as they’re crafted from a polyester blend designed to wick moisture and keep feet cool and dry.

A daily essential for any kind of exercise, these socks will be your new favorites for the gym and beyond.

Dickies Heavyweight Thermal Crew Socks

Material: 55% Polyester, 19% Wool, 14% Nylon, 11% Acrylic, 1% Spandex | Sizes Available: US 6-12 | Colors Available: Black, Blue | Style: Mid Length

Well known for indestructible workwear, Dickies pulls through with some of the best socks for men. Ideal for winter and harsh conditions, it’s hard to beat the soft wool blend and compression fit.

These socks for men are designed with added arch support to keep you comfortable during long days on your feet, and the unique material mash-up wicks moisture to keep your toes warm and dry. Designed to last a lifetime (well, at least a few years), these socks are a must-have for any winter wardrobe. 

Snow Deer Heated Socks

Skiing, snowshoeing, winter runs, and more, these heated socks are unbeatable when it comes to cold weather activities. If you’re constantly suffering from frozen toes, these toasty companions have a rechargeable battery to deliver heat to your feet.

Additionally, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps your toes from getting swampy, keeping them warm and dry no matter what the weather throws at you. That said, avoid wearing them for long periods of time or to bed as they have the potential to overheat.

Material: 55% CoolMax, 25% Elastane, 20% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: Black | Style: Over Calf

Happy Socks Cotton Crew Socks

Material: 86% Cotton, 12% Polyamide, 2% Elastane | Sizes Available: EU 36-40, 41-46 | Colors Available: 100+ | Style: Mid Length

No one does colorful quite like Happy Socks, a brand well known for its bright, eye-catching designs. Argyle, paisley, block colors, and more, you name it, and Happy Socks will have it.

Aside from the spunky designs, these are also some of the softest socks for men, which is why they’ve developed a cult-like following since launching in 2008. Get these colorful socks for yourself, your brother, or even your dad to spice up any outfit in a serious way. 

What to Look for When Buying The Best Socks for Men

When it comes to choosing the best socks for men, these are the prime considerations to keep in mind:


First and foremost, consider the material of your socks, as this is the most significant factor in comfort. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the leading materials you’ll find in socks for men:

Cotton: Most everyday socks for men are made from cotton. Tried and true, cotton is a comfy, inexpensive material and makes up most crew and athletic socks. 

Wool: Wool is a robust material as it has the power to keep your feet toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. It naturally wicks sweat to keep toes dry and insulates from harsh conditions. It’s no wonder most hiking socks are made from wool, but you’ll also find this material in dress socks, too. Extra points for silky merino wool. 

Bamboo: Bamboo is a prime component in many pairs of high-end socks these days, and with good reason. Bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial and mask odor in a powerful way (no more stinky toes here). Bamboo socks are also lightweight, breathable, and above all else, supremely comfortable. 

Polyester/Blends: We can lump polyester and blends together, as most polyester socks are a blend of some sort—typically including elastane for a bit of stretch and occasionally a touch of cotton. Polyester blends have some give while providing structured compression, so you’ll generally find it in athletic or running socks.  

tailored brown trousers, tan socks and off white sneakers leaning against a wall outside
myrqvist / Instagram


As you can tell from the exhaustive list above, there are a lot of types of socks. But these are the core varieties to help you choose the best pair:

Crew Socks: Crew socks sit at a mid-calf length and are typically made from cotton with a bulkier, ribbed construction.

Low-Cut Socks: Low-cut socks are generally anything shorter than a crew sock. They can stop around the ankle and are ideal for wearing with sneakers or other low-top shoes.

No-Show Socks: If you’re wearing loafers or Sperrys frequently, you need some dependable no-show socks that stay hidden below the shoe for a dressier look. Just ensure they’re no slip, or you’ll be pulling at them all day.

Dress Socks: Dress socks come in a variety of lengths and are frequently made from lightweight wool for year-round wear. What’s more, dress socks often come in a huge range of colors to suit any dressier outfit. 

Athletic Socks: Finally, you’ve got your athletic socks, which sometimes double as crew socks, but more often are made from a polyester blend to wick sweat and keep feet cool even during intense workouts. 


Don’t count out color when it comes to the best men’s socks. It pays to have neutrals that go with everything (think your everyday black or white socks) but doesn’t hurt to throw some color into the mix, too. 

Whether you’re thinking about branching out to brighter hues or want to dabble with patterns, men’s socks are a great place to start incorporating color into a wardrobe. Extra points if you match the color of your socks to another part of your outfit, like a belt or tie. 


    • The best socks to wear with shorts are crew socks. They build an effortless look when paired with sneakers. Though if you’re wearing loafers or boat shoes with your shorts, consider a pair of no-show socks for a classic summer style.

      • Long socks for men can be worn in a variety of ways—knee-high socks go well under pants, longer crew socks look great with sneakers, and lengthy athletic socks pair seamlessly with workout shorts. Whatever you do, avoid wearing long socks with sandals… or any socks with sandals, for that matter.

        • The best men’s socks with sneakers are low-cut ankle socks that keep the focus on your kicks. That said, crew socks are exceptionally stylish with high-top shoes, so next time you reach for your All Stars, try pairing them with a pair of mid-calf socks.

          • The most fashionable socks for men at the moment are the CDLP bamboo socks and the Percival crew socks, which boast subtle (but interesting) motifs on the ankles.

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