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30 Of The Best Men’s Pants That Will Serve You Year-Round (2022 Edition)

Perhaps no single article of clothing says more about a man than the one he wears on his lower half. We’re talking, of course, about men’s pants. 

Shoes? Sure, they carry some weight. Shirts? Potentially bold statements aside, they just don’t have to work as hard. Men’s pants, though… now there’s a garment that walks a tightrope and can make or break a look.

They come in endless shapes, sizes, fabrics, and utilities. Choose wisely and you’ll find yourself navigating seamlessly and stylishly through any situation. Choose unwisely, and you’ll suffer the consequences…

Okay, that’s dramatic. There aren’t any actual consequences. 

But there are sartorial missteps, and we’re here to help you avoid those at all costs. And with that, here are our picks for the 30 best pants for men.

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Best Men’s Pants 

Tom Ford’s O’Connor trousers are in a league of their own in terms of comfort and attention to detail. If you’re a person who similarly prioritizes attention to detail in your life, these suit pants are worth a look.

You’re working with a slim cut, and mid-rise fit, making this 100% wool pant a classic and versatile addition to your closet. Adjustable waist tabs allow you to forego a belt for a more seamless look. Pair these trousers with the O’Connor slim-fit wool suit jacket for the wedding season, then leave the jacket at home when it’s time to put on a handsomeness clinic on the happy-hour circuit. 

Material: 100% wool | Size Range: IT 44-IT 58 | Inseam: 30-32 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Care: Dry clean | Fit: Slim 

Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call. Excellent. Now that we’re all sharing some nice James Taylor energy together, let’s carry it through to your next pair of men’s pants courtesy of Closed and Pan-Ko Textile. 

Virgin wool and a roomy fit should earn this classically edgy pair of men’s pants a slot in your regular rotation regardless of the season. Whether you’re dressing them up or opting for more of a smart casual look, consider this piece of wardrobe candy a must.

Material: Italian tropical wool | Size Range: 29/32-36/32 | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Loose

Hear that? No? Listen closer. 

There. Off in the distance. It’s the sad, ill-informed siren song of a pleat-hater. While pleats certainly had their biggest run in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the sartorial sound knew better than to let them go. 

To that end, one of today’s finest specimens comes in the form of these variegated cords courtesy of Corridor. Their dark, versatile color and 100% cotton comfort should earn them a prominent place in your closet during mild fall weekends or whenever you feel like texturing up an otherwise basic t-shirt or button-down. 

Material: 100% cotton | Size Range: 28-38 | Inseam: 28-32 inches | Rise: Standard | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Regular

Picture yourself lazing around a sandy beach bar. Or swinging on a hammock listening to Yacht Rock. Or swirling a stem of red on a windswept balcony in late summer. 

What are you wearing?

Damn right you’re wearing linen pants. And if you’re doing it right, you’re wearing Luca Faloni’s Lipari linen trousers. At your leisure-based disposal is the requisite button for aesthetics, but also an internal drawstring for covert comfort. And as with any fine linen, this Italian-made pair of men’s pants will soften over time. Say it with us: Like a fine wine, they’ll only get better with age. 

Material: 100% linen | Size Range: 28-40 | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Tapered

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to slap these Italian-bred chinos on your lower half. They’re made with luxurious (and relatively rare) triple-twisted cotton sourced from one of Italy’s finest mills, so we understand why you’d think that. But their approachable price point will keep you coming back to these slim and semi-slim beauties time and time again for any occasion. 

Of course, you could dress them up with a complimentary jacket, but the more frequent play here might be to pair them with a button-down or neutral mock neck sweater. No matter your choice, there’s effortless ease about these chinos, though they still manage to maintain a thoughtful polish that’s hard to deny.

Material: Wool and Cashmere or Cotton | Size Range: EU44-EU52 | Rise: Medium-high | Care: Dry clean | Fit: Slim, semi-slim

If you’re going to walk the plank and wear cargo pants, they damn well better have some utility. Good news: this specimen has it in spades. First off, it can be men’s pants or shorts. Ports? Shants? Moving on…

They’re made with 75% recycled nylon fibers — among the materials in this sturdy pair of adventure-ready men’s pants are used fish nets and recycled carpet. To further bolster the ACG’s pedigree, the team behind the pants’ design and construction got their inspiration while exploring Smith Rock, one of Oregon’s rock climbing meccas. 

This multi-functional pair of men’s pants is going to best suit the avid outdoorsman looking for 90% function, 10% form, and enough patience to brush off any remaining cargo-pant haters still roaming the earth. We’d like to see them try to navigate harrowing crags while carrying a sandwich in their quadricep pocket.  

Material: Nylon, spandex, polyester | Size Range: XS-2XL | Inseam: 29 inches | Rise: Classic | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Standard

Little known fact about drawstring men’s pants: they don’t have to look anything like drawstring pants. Exhibit A: L’Estrange’s entry, which cleverly hides a stretch waistband and a drawstring beneath a dressed-up facade. Italian stretch cotton. Slim, tailored fit. Multiple colorways. Check, check and check.

The perfect soulmate for these men’s pants puts form and function on a level playing field. No one ever has to know how comfortable you are — it can be you and the 24 Trouser’s little secret. 

Material: 97% cotton, 3% elastane | Size Range: XS-XXL | Rise: Standard | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Slim

Based in Barcelona, TwoThirds is a stalwart provider of high-quality eco-conscious wear. Among a myriad of other things, their emphasis on sturdy, built-to-last construction puts these light stretch chinos firmly on our list of best men’s pants. 

The addition of stretch recycled cotton twill provides ample springiness, making these straight-cut men’s pants a good fit for the active guy who would rather make a subtle statement than join the masses in sweatpants and athletic shorts. Paired with a henley or a linen polo, you could easily don these on a casual date night as well. 

Material: 50% recycled cotton, 47% recycled polyester and 3% other fibers | Size Range: Sm-XL | Rise: Mid-rise | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Regular

In keeping with the hidden drawstring theme, Percival’s cords are business on the outside, and party on the inside. Pair this navy pair of corduroys with anything from a handsome jacket to a basic t-shirt and you’d never know a drawstring was working hard behind the scenes to provide extra flex and comfort. 

If you’re into looking your best in public while simultaneously feeling like you’re catching a movie in your living room, these are your pants. Don’t say we never shared any scandalous secrets with you. 

Material: 97% cotton, 3% elastane | Size Range: 28-38 | Inseam: 34-35 inches | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Standard

Wax London takes pride in providing thoughtfully designed and constructed garments that just plain look and feel right. The Rinse jean doesn’t aim to reinvent the wheel. It just wants to be your denim go-to whenever the time and occasion is right. Which, turns out, is always.

The mid-wash and rinse-wash blue colorways are dark and moody enough to pair with almost anything your day and night can bring. Wax employs a slim, fitted silhouette here, which can easily transition from afternoons at the office to casual date nights to courtside hot dogs with the family. You know… jeans stuff.       

Material: 100% cotton | Size Range: 28-38 | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Slim

Good news, thoughtful relaxers: turns out, that joggers don’t have to be slouchy. In fact, some joggers — especially this pair from A Day’s March — are anything but. Made from 100% cotton, these mid-rise leg blankets feature the requisite drawstring and elastic waistband. But don’t be fooled by the standard jogger trappings. Instead, make room for these in the “Unexpectedly Elevated” section of your closet. 

A Day’s March has paired these cozy men’s pants with a matching crew neck and sweater, but a t-shirt and crisp pair of white sneakers is also a smartly casual look for when you’re running errands or catching a quick brunch. No wrong turns here.  

Material: 100% organic cotton | Size Range: S-XL | Rise: Mid-rise | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Regular

Are these work pants made for hard labor in the factory? No. Are they made for hard labor on the brewery circuit? Closer. Probably. Maybe.

Anyway, yes, this fine, rugged specimen from Madrid-based Neutrale is built to last. That said, their unisex design and elevated price tag do err on the side of form over function. Whichever color collar you put on in the morning, this sturdy pair of men’s pants will see you through the day in comfortable style. 

Material: 100% organic cotton | Size Range: XS-XL | Rise: Standard | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Regular

Quick, look in your closet. Bunch of gray and blue sweatpants in there? Thought so.

And while there’s nothing wrong with those trusty staples, it also never hurts to shake things up a bit when it comes to hunkering down with a good book or movie. Enter these handsome and cozy khaki sweatpants from Unrecorded. Yes, khaki sweatpants. The 100% organic, French terry knit kind.

Worn correctly — say, with great confidence and Unrecorded’s matching khaki sweater — you could even venture out into the world in these. We see stylish coffee runs in your future. Farmer’s market trips. Maybe even the occasional brunch. Send your gray sweatpants our regards. 

Material: 100% organic cotton | Size Range: XS-XXL | Inseam: 28-30 inches | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Regular

For those about to lounge, we salute you. Especially if you’re doing it in these tailored pajama pants from Sleepy Jones that just ooze leisurely luxury. Sure, this is a set and not just men’s pants, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not completing the ensemble. 

If you’re going in on these, go all in and opt for the paisley colorway to stand out in all the right ways. This cotton set is super plush and comfortable between the sheets, but — thanks to its tailored look — can easily transition to poolside brunch at the Airbnb or by the fire on a group ski trip. Repeat: paisley. Can’t stress that enough.  

Material: 100% cotton | Size Range: XXS-XXL | Inseam: 34-35 inches | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Tailored

There are a lot of khaki options out there doing their best to break a tried and true mold. But there’s still something to be said for a no-frills, old-school pair of the closet staples. L.L. Bean is bringing you exactly that with this classic pair in a standard, straight-leg fit. 

They’re cut from a wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, no-iron fabric, making them ideal for tossing in a suitcase without having to worry about ironing when you land. Whatever you do, just don’t call them dad khakis. Or do. But know that there are plenty of ways to pull these bad boys off with the right sweatshirt or jacket. 

Material: 100% cotton | Size Range: 30-44 inches | Inseam: 28-34 inches | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Classic

Have you ever thought about how leather-pants-less you are right now? Who hasn’t, right? Seems like now is as good a time as any to start focusing on a solution.

Oh look… a solution.

Just when you thought you’d never hear the words “banana” and “republic” strung together in a single sartorial sentence again, here comes Banana Republic with this basic yet beautifully constructed pair of leather pants. Though this is an expert-level garment to successfully pull off, Banana Republic makes it that much easier with this classic, straight-fit pair of black leather pants.

Start off easy by pairing them with a distressed hoodie on your morning coffee run. Then, if you’re feeling up for it, graduate to the bar or club with an oversized sweater or workwear jacket. This leather-forward journey is fraught with peril and missteps. No pressure, though.

Material: 100% leather | Size Range: 28W-44W | Inseam: Regular 32 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Care: Professional leather cleaner| Fit: Slim

Suitsupply continues to set the bar high for properly constructed garments at reasonable price points, and their Soho Trousers are no exception. Dress up these slim-fitting, pure wool workhorses however you like, be it with a jacket from Suitsupply’s Havana line or with a cautiously selected, tucked-in t-shirt. 

The wool twill comes from Vitale Barberis Canonico, one of Italy’s oldest and most revered fabric mills — the very same mill that Ermenegildo Zegna calls home. 

Material: 100% wool | Size Range: 26-44S | Inseam: 32.5 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Care: Dry clean | Fit: Slim

You know that special place in your closet where only the special things go? If so, make room. If not, time to carve out a little real estate for some of the best men’s pants to ever roam the earth. Yes, men’s pants can roam the earth. We checked. 

Ireland’s revered house of tweed Magee 1866 does the heavy lifting with these versatile wool pants, which speaks volumes in and of itself. But Ralph Lauren goes one further with a timeless double-pleated front, plus a ticket pocket and refined-in-all-the-right-ways Glen plaid pattern. Jacket, turtle neck, you name it — these standards play nice with almost anything. 

Material: 100% wool | Size Range: 28-32 to 40-34 | Inseam: 34-35 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Care: Dry clean | Fit: Regular

Though its wearer typically errs on one side or the other, a good pair of camouflage pants can transition from the deer blind to the skate park without skipping a beat. Todd Snyder fully embraces this assessment with his Japanese cotton chinos designed after a pair of fatigues that caught the eye of one of the company’s designers in a vintage shop. 

From t-shirts to henleys to dark, neutral button-downs, the best men’s pants — these very much included — can be worn with just about anything. But keep in mind that the slim fit and relatively limited size range of these chinos means it isn’t for everyone. 

Material: Japanese twill | Size Range: 28/32-32/34 | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Slim

Inspired by the military garb of French officers during World War II, these high-waisted, roomy leg sheaths should be considered by only the most expert of trousermen. Or should they? Turns out, these cotton twill standouts can be successfully pulled off by anyone with a surplus of confidence and but a modicum of sartorial wherewithal.

The key, as ever, is what you choose to pair them with. A tucked-in t-shirt or polo for the summer months. A crew neck sweater for chillier days. There are no wrong turns wherever this high-waisted road takes you as long as you wear them with confidence.    

Material: Cotton or linen | Size Range: 28/30-38/34 | Inseam: 34-35 inches | Rise: High | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Wide

It takes confidence and the right ensemble cast to successfully pull off a pair of cropped pants. Allsaints makes it that much easier with their version — a slim-fitting, neutral-colored pair with two side buttons and an unlined leg. 

Pair it with a t-shirt or mock neck sweatshirt and your favorite broken-in pair of shoes (maybe opt for a vegan sneaker to complete the look?) for a look that exudes just enough breezy confidence. No one has to know you put a lot of thought into it.

Material: 100% cotton | Size Range: 28-36 inches | Inseam: 34-35 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Care: Dry clean | Fit: Slim

Ivy Style icon J. Press pulls no punches when it comes to quality craftsmanship and fabrics. And while bespoke garments of every stripe are certainly an option here, don’t sleep on these classic chinos that come in nine color options.

Helping to nail the brand’s signature Ivy League style are these trousers’ flat front and unfinished hems. To complete the look, any button-down will do. And maybe throw in one of those old-school wooden tennis racquets while you’re at it. That, or definitely don’t. 

Material: 100% cotton twill | Size Range: 30-44 | Inseam: 34-35 inches | Rise: Standard | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Classic

Tracksmith’s focus is on the runner, and its clothes are thoughtfully crafted with that pursuit in mind. That said, the Downeaster Pant can and should moonlight as a standout option for any of your athletic pursuits. These workout pants are made of 60% merino wool, so their natural sweat-wicking and odor-repelling qualities will be key during fall or winter workouts. 

Pair them with Tracksmith’s Downeaster mid-layer or the Nor’Easter jacket for head-to-toe comfort and performance for the colder months. Bonus: they can easily pull double duty in style for your Sunday Netflix binges. 

Material: 60% merino wool, 40% polypropylene | Size Range: S-XL | Inseam: 30.25-31.25 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Tapered leg

When you hear the words “elastic waist pants,” your mind likely goes to slouchy sweatpants or, worse yet, those tearaway numbers with the buttons down the side. For shame. We think your sartorial imagination should wander more toward this slim-fitting cotton and hemp specimen from Patagonia. 

Though they’ve been designed with comfort in mind — hello, elastic waistband, adjustable drawstring, and light as air fabric — they’d feel just as at home during a stylishly dressed down coffee run. 

Material: 76% cotton, 24% hemp | Size Range: S-XXL | Inseam: 30-34 inches | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Slim

And there you were, at the top of Mount Katahdin after an epic through-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Your camera roll is filling up. Your technical gear is being technical. Your fleece-lined men’s pants are merely a base layer. That’s… one way to deploy fleece-lined men’s pants. 

Another is to slap on Duer’s après-ski-friendly base layer cleverly disguised as a handsome pair of jeans. Fleece, denim, a water-repellent coating, and just the right amount of stretch team up to provide you with your new fall and winter go-to for fireside shenanigans. 

Material: 81% cotton, 13% polyester, 4% nylon, 2% elastane | Size Range: 30-30/40-34 | Inseam: Triple stitched | Rise: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Relaxed

Take one look at these beflowered men’s pants and you know you’re about to take a one-way trip to Leisureville. Bonobos nails the beach aesthetic without beating a dead horse. The drawstring is hidden. The button pops in all the right ways. The calming blue is faded to perfection. And did we mention those flowers? 

Though these men’s pants are cotton, you get a breezy linen look that would play nicely with a linen button-down, a loose polo or your favorite t-shirt.  

Material: 98% cotton, 2% elastane | Size Range: XS-XXL | Inseam: 27.5-33.5 inches | Rise: Standard | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Relaxed

What constitutes a pair of “summer men’s pants” is entirely up to you. But a solid, versatile pair should have a few key elements. Take the Vuori Aim Pant, for example. It’s super lightweight and airy thanks to its polyester-cotton blend, and a hint of elastane allows for a cozy four-way stretch.

These men’s pants are ready for poolside cocktails at dusk or the beach on a breezy day. Their tailored fit makes them the chameleon of summer men’s pants and they’re always up for anything your day can throw at them.

Material: 67% polyester, 25% cotton, 8% elastane | Size Range: 28-38 | Inseam: 32 inches | Rise: Mid-rise | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Tailored

With the Saturday Pant, Marine Layer set out to make a pair of men’s pants that… well, don’t look like men’s pants at all. Their five-pocket design is meant to resemble jeans more than, say, a chino. The slim option goes the extra mile with an elastic waistband, plus they’re garment-dyed to give them a more worn-in, seamless look. 

And though they’re slim men’s pants, Marine Layer doesn’t get too precious about it, meaning there’s still plenty of room to move. The slim-but-not-too-slim cut also adds to their versatility — you can wear the Saturday anywhere. 

Material: 69% cotton, 29% Tencel Lyocell, 2% lycra | Size Range: S-2XL | Inseam: 27.5-30.25 inches | Rise: Standard | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Slim

What’s old is, of course, always new again. In other words, you had to know this was coming: You must now once again reckon with flared jeans. They’re specific, sure. But the good news is that anyone can pull them off with the right shirt, shoes and (most importantly) attitude. 

Hearkening back to flared pants of yore, this understated pair from COS features a slim silhouette and a high waist. Pair it with a tucked-in tee or baggy sweater to complete your carefree yet totally put-together look.

Material: 100% cotton | Size Range: 30R-38R | Inseam: 34-35 inches | Rise: High | Care: Machine wash | Fit: Slim

When chosen wisely, these men’s pants can be every bit as versatile as a pair of chinos or even jeans. Case in point: Todd Snyder’s Sutton Trouser. While they would of course look fantastic as part of a suit, the neutral navy, charcoal color and tailored fit open the door to countless other looks.

Try them out with anything from a solid-colored t-shirt to a sweater to a white button-down. Its pinstripes will piggyback on your personality in all the right ways. 

Material: Wool-cotton | Size Range: 30/32-36/32 | Inseam: 34-35 inches | Rise: Moderate | Care: Dry clean | Fit: Tailored


    • If you’re looking at anything other than standard XS through XL sizes, chances are you’re looking at two numbers — the waist length and the leg length. If you’re looking at a size 34/36, for example, the “34” represents the length of the waist in inches, and the “36” represents the inseam of the pants in inches.

      • To see what size pants will be the perfect fit for you, start by rounding up a flexible measuring tape. Pull up your shirt so that no fabric sits between your skin and the measuring tape, then wrap the tape around the thinnest part of your waist (usually just above the belly button) with your stomach relaxed. 

        Record your waist size in inches according to the tape measure. Most clothing companies will have a conversion table available online — find the table and match your measured waist size to the brand’s recommended size from the chart.

        • How to cuff your pants is a personal decision and should be driven by your preferences and sartorial proclivities. Generally speaking, cuffs work well with a fitted, straight leg pant paired with a focused shoe as opposed to a bulky boot or wider option. Before deciding on a cuff type (tight roll or wide cuff, for example), look at your outfit as a whole and hone in on the direction from there.

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