Lil Nas X clarifies why he doesn’t want poppers at his concerts

Lil Nas X explained that he told fans to “stop doing poppers” because he didn’t need their “a*****e” to be “open while [he sang his] depression album cuts”. (Getty)

Lil Nas X has clarified his cheeky warning to fans to not do poppers at his concerts in the most Nas way possible. 

The “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” performer recently pleaded with his fans on Twitter to stop doing poppers at gigs. The rapper and singer told his dedicated fanbase on 28 September that he didn’t “need ur a*****e relaxed to see [him] perform ‘Industry Baby’”

Poppers are a type of legal substance, the best known being amyl nitrite, that dilates the blood vessels and relaxes involuntary smooth muscles. The inhalant has become popular within the queer community for helping people feel freer and more relaxed during sex. 

Nas’ comments quickly went viral as fans indicated that they wouldn’t stop doing poppers at concerts on his global Long Live Montero tour, which kicked off in September. 

Lil Nas X took to Twitter once again to further explain his advice about proper popper usage at his events. 

“Aht aht- I said stop doing poppers,” Nas wrote. “Cuz ya a*****e don’t need to be open while I sing my depression album cuts.”

He continued: “If y’all wanna do weed, molly, shrooms, paint, gasoline ect. knock yourselves tf out.”

He later tweeted a meme, using an image of Snoop Dogg praying at trial, that said: “When you beat the telling your fans to not do drugs allegations.”

Many fans on social media cracked up about Nas’ new warning, with some saying the rapper really had to tell them to “stop being horny” while he performs. 

Lil Nas X, who has built a career as the true king of online trolling, has been candid about his hopes and dreams for his ongoing tour. 

The “Dolla Sign Slime” performer tweeted in September that he was “not gonna be proud of [himself] until there is a big orgy in the audience” at one of his concerts. He also declared that he wanted members of the furry community to dominate crowds at his gigs. 

Nas made headlines in September for epically clapping back at religious protestors outside his show by offering them delicious-looking pizza. He reported to fans that the group didn’t want the pizza and that he had “accidentally fallen in love with one of the homophobic protestors”. 

The Grammy winner paused his concert in Atlanta, Georgia when he was forced to respond to the call of nature in the middle of the show. Lil Nas X kept the crowds updated on his trip to take a “mean s**t” backstage through a live mic. 

Nas clarified on Twitter afterwards that, despite all the disbelievers, he was really “back there dropping demons into that toilet”. 

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