1.10 Update for ‘Hunt: Showdown’ to Include New Stalker Beetle [Video]

After teasing fans about beetles, Crytek has finally given up the goods as to just what exactly Hunt: Showdown players can expect from the new Stalker Beetles. The new flying “character” is part of the upcoming 1.10 patch that’s currently being tested in Hunt: Showdown‘s test server.

As described by the post, the Stalker Beetle consumable is controlled by a Player in first person view, and as suspected, functions as a reconnaissance item. The Stalker Beetle is unlocked at Bloodline Rank 15 and costs $45 of your in-game money to use. It can also be found in the new Cocoon lootable. The Beetle is activated by tossing it as you would a stick of dynamite, and (in a coincidence) can be detonated to cause damage to opposing players.

During the time the player has the Stalker Beetle activated, they cannot move or perform any other actions, and are obviously vulnerable to attack. Instead of blowing it up, the Beetle can be deactivated by returning it to the ground, where it can be picked up by the player. However, other players can also pick up the Beetle for their own use.

In addition to spying on other Hunters, players can use the Stalker Beetles to locate monsters, but keep in mind that the Beetle can interact with the environment (make noise on props that they touch, startle crows and horses, and trigger traps), as well as emit a distinct noise, so it’s not exactly a silent camera.

The Hunt: Showdown 1.10 patch isn’t just devoted the Stalker Beetle, as it also includes the usual tweaks and bug fixes, including changes to weapon pricing, and trait point costs, and changes to map spawn points and landmarks.

Currently, there’s no release date as of yet for the 1.10 patch.

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