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DICI Releases “Beautiful Collision” (Single)

Those who have been keeping up with DICI need no introduction, but for those who may not know, allow me to make it brief: after dropping a self-titled debut album in early 2021, DICI has gone through quite the metamorphosis. Shifting from a high school senior stuck in lockdown to an up-and-coming rap star with over 100,000 TikTok followers in less than two years should give you an idea of the sort of confidence and creative hunger within DICI.

Seventeen singles and over five million views on YouTube later, here we are. So what’s a young artist to do when you’ve practically conquered everything thrown your way? For DICI, the answer was simple: introduce a major change and shift genres, releasing your trademark rap verses in favor of a song entirely reliant on singing and vocal melodies. A bold move for a bold kid, but don’t call DICI a kid.


“Beautiful Collision” arrives at the start of a major change. DICI has ditched the rap style he came to be known for in favor of shifting into a more pop-driven headspace, and while he has sung on projects in the past, this is new ground for the young artist. The confidence to shift from something in such a dramatic fashion is admirable for an artist as new as DICI but confidence has never been something DICI lacked, training for this very moment by crafting music in his room for twelve hours at a time while in lockdown.

This new single features a bold new angle from the rapper-turned-pop star with his lyrics, too, as he weaves tales of a love headed towards nothing good. “So don’t stop me from believing, know looks can be deceiving / I’ve been wasting all of my decisions on our f**ked up beautiful collision.” The lyrics and production are more than impressive for any modern artist, and you can tell from the moment it starts that there’s impeccable attention to detail in regards to the instrumental side of things; the lyrics more than do the backing track justice as DICI evolves from an artist once inspired by Eminem to someone seemingly influenced by The Weeknd and Mod Sun.

The dynamic between old and new feels fairly inconsequential in the grand scheme of things and there’s no doubt that DICI will take this new direction in stride. There’s no concrete shift that says he’ll even stay traveling down this rap-free road, so the fans upset over the change should pump the brakes. For now, it’s an extremely smart and successful experiment from an incredibly intelligent young musician and businessman — whatever comes next, it’s sure to have been a calculated move from DICI and his team, so rest assured that there are no missteps that will find their way into the mix. The beautiful collision of DICI’s two styles coming to a head is something worth marveling at, and whatever is ahead for the musician is bound to be his most compelling work yet. With how fast-paced he seems to be, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was here by next week!

Cleopatra Patel

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