“Mama Proud” by Annette Adler

Mama Proud is the heartwarming and soothing new album from Annette Adler. Blending the magic of Folk music with classic Americana Mama Proud is an album that will get you moving and memories stirring. Adler has always found a way to keep music in her life no matter what point she’s been at in her path. Born and raised in Los Angeles Adler used to be a professional wedding singer before working at Capitol/EMI Records. After her sons were born Adler switched gears and became a music educator. Mama Proud uses soft and sunny melodies to reflect on the lessons that parenthood has taught her. Adler reminds us that those closest to us often offer the most insight and creative inspiration anyone could ask for.

Gentle guitars are at the forefront of the melodies on Mama Proud creating a gentle and intimate atmosphere. The guitar comes as no surprise since Adler is a classical guitarist herself. There is something so soothing about the gentle plucking that guides listeners into every song. It sets a soft tone for Adler’s Joni Mitchell-esque voice to take you to another plain. There is a clear influence of folk on Mama Proud that gives the album a sense of timelessness. Mama Proud will stir memories and cause you to reminisce about your life but it isn’t an album soaked in nostalgia. The subject matter is so universal it offers a familiar warmth that evokes the lessons you’ve learned from your own family but you don’t find yourself yearning for those years. This aspect of the album makes Adler’s commentary and reflections on parenthood even more powerful since they are classic in their own right.

The song that stood out to me out of all of them is perhaps the most modern one out of the bunch, “Love the Love.” The opening chords are gentle and dreamy that sound and feel like a Sufjan Stevens song. Those chords continue throughout the song until carefree drums come in to raise the energy. There’s a bit more drama to the melody and lyrics of “Love the Love” then other songs on Mama Proud. There’s a feeling of mystery that accompanies this track making every lyric evocative and dreamlike. Something about the melody mixed with Adler’s classic voice makes this song feel more modern. That isn’t to say that Mama Proud feel’s dated, it remains rather timeless, as most folk music does. “Love the Love” happens to employ a melody and an elevated vocal performance by Adler you often hear in modern music. “Love the Love” really rounds out Adler’s overall sound on Mama Proud. It also highlights a staple of Adler’s artistry that she can sing in any musical style or genre with ease.

Every track on Mama Proud flows from one to the next. Adler can move from an anthem to a ballad with enviable ease making Mama Proud incredibly smooth listening. The melody of each track stays in the calming energy that Mama Proud begins with but still has a unique sound to it. This is due to the very thoughtful production of this album that you can hear on every song. Adler’s effortless voice is always prominent and youthful giving the lyrics a life of their own. The more that you listen to Mama Proud the more that you’ll hear the detailed nature of the melodies. This is where you can hear more modern techniques gently woven into the strums of the guitar. Whether there is hints of what sounds like a banjo in “Keeping It Together” or layering of an electric beat in “Just Like That,” it’s these touches that make Mama Proud one of the kind.

Annette Adler will warm you heart and soul with her new album Mama Proud. Dedicated to her sons and the memory of her mother and mother-in-law, Mama Proud is a family affair you’re invited to. Brimming with beauty and lovely sentiments about parenthood, this album will have you thinking about your own experiences after one listen. Its impossible to not be moved by Adler’s reflections and to gain a deeper appreciation for parents all together. Let Mama Proud’s warm and carefree melodies wash over you and take you breath away!

Cleopatra Patel

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