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Exclusive Interview with KinderCrowdControl (aka KCC)

KinderCrowdControl (aka KCC) is the culmination of years of music and art collaboration between the internationally celebrated fine artist Edem Elesh and lifelong friend Brett Smith. Together they have helmed several noteworthy musical projects including Landscape of Sound, Drowning Pool Music, and Mumbles.

The music of KinderCrowdControl transcends musical boundaries. Besides pop creations, it has been used as soundscapes in many videos, and featured as an integral part of art presentations and performances. Brett and Edem, the hub of KCC, have welcomed working with other musicians. They have celebrated the vocal talents of Thea Ulrich; featured the amazing saxophone, percussion, and drumming talents of Toby Karlin; and debuted the effortless inspired piano riffs of Griffen Elesh. Recently, in 2018, Edem met the celebrated Croatian artist Sandra Ban while on an international art exchange in Bangkok Thailand.

After sharing their musical histories and interests, they agreed to partner. Now, featuring Sandra’s voice as “songspiel”, and mining her unique acumen to round out their sound with the human touch, KinderCrowdControl again moves forward into new sonic territories; continuing in the spirit of exploration, discovery, and celebration that has fueled their musical journey from the beginning.

What has been the driving force of your music in this New Year? 

Edem: Well, we’re deep into the 7-part opus Sandra Ban, our voice and celebrated Croatian artist, tasked Brett and I with the last quarter of 2021. The idea is it will be used as a soundtrack to a fine art live performance she has scheduled for this year in Croatia and Italy. “Yes” was the first section we released as a stand alone single last year. We have 3 more segments we are getting ready to drop in the next couple of months. We’re stoked with this composition and all ‘the movements’ it requires. We are continually forced out of our comfort zones. Since we welcome these challenges, we’re into it for sure.

Brett: Our driving force is unspoken and comes completely from within. We’re very fortunate to have a communal artistic mix of talent to pull our inspiration from, and we’re constantly lifting each other to create more music.

Are you planning to do anything BIG this year for your career?

Edem: See above. After we complete our work on the various movements of this opus, we are going to assist in creating a virtual “presence” to accompany Sandra’s live performance, as Brett and my physical presence at the event in Croatia is not a possibility at the moment.

Brett: “BIG” is a matter of perspective. A single life impacted by our efforts is very big to us, so to answer your question, every day something “BIG” happens. Opportunities are everywhere as long as you’re able to recognize them. Our plan is simple: write, record, release as much music as we can. Reach out to as many listeners as we can. Make an impact on someone else’s life. Grow our fan base.

What adjustments had to be made in order to get to that goal?

Edem: We have to be willing to bend our compositions to suit what the piece requires. No preconceptions. No falling back on the “tried-and-true”. Not to mention just doing it. Keeping it moving. KinderCrowdControl pieces usually take on a life of their own; some come quickly, others need a little longer to gestate.

Brett: We began to rethink our place in the whole scheme of things. We found that as soon as we were willing to listen to what others had to say, the broader our perceptions became. We began to think in terms of what came out of those 2 speakers and nothing more. A much more simplified approach, right? The rest of our issues, hang-ups, egos, etc just didn’t matter anymore.

What personal goal have you set for yourself that you’d like others to think about too?

Edem: Creating constantly and putting the work into this end. This is one of life’s greatest forces for good. Keeping the experiences fresh, and remembering the famous Beatles track title: “Tomorrow Never Knows”, and Charles Bukowski’s epitaph: “Don’t Try”.

Brett: Keep an open mind. Nothing is ever absolute. Everything is perception.

Making more moves in this New Year can be really exciting, is there anything that you are nervous about when it comes to your new music? How do you get over those nerves and go for what YOU want? 

Edem: No nerves. Never. Just pure excitement. Brett and I always love our latest track, and with each one, our production skills are improving. We’re definitely in a place where we treat each composition as its own unique creation, and are giving every one of them individual attention and love.

Brett: There are two questions here. We’ve achieved balance in a lot of different areas in our lives, and music is one thing we love to do. We’re never nervous. We’re always excited. But because we have balance in so many different areas of our lives, we’re never overly nervous or anxious about anything. In a broader perspective, every listener has a choice too. The good news is that there are 8 billion potential listeners and we need just a few to love us.

What chances are you taking in 2022 when it comes to collaboration?

Edem: We always take chances. Brett and I push each other constantly to create our unique KinderCrowdControl music. Each composition is a push and pull, and we never know how each one will end up. Fantastic.

Brett: We love to collaborate as it keeps things fresh. Bring it on!

Name the word of the year for 2022?

Edem: Yes!

Brett: KinderCrowdControl. It’s one word.

Setting intentions is so important especially when accomplishing your goals! How do you make sure to keep that heart and drive you have for yourself?

Edem: Easy answer. This is my M.O. and “vow” to life- constantly creating despite the distractions of day-to-day existence, and focusing on keeping the fires burning, regardless.

Brett: I never worry about that. I think everyone has a creative side yearning to break out. You just need to figure out how to tap it. The passion and drive are there.

What single is dropping NEXT? 

Edem: “Atomic Tango” out any day now. Fantastic piece.

Brett: String Theory is all about micro vibrations: therefore, we all exist in a cosmic “Atomic Tango”.

Social media for ALL your new fans? Thank you for taking the time our of your busy day!

Thanks so much! It’s been a pleasure.


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