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‘Camp Getaway’: Meet The Cast Of The New Show That’s A Mix Of ‘Below Deck’ & ‘Summer House’

‘Camp Getaway’ is the perfect TV getaway for us all. The new Bravo series premieres May 4 and HL has the EXCLUSIVE scoop from the cast about the drama that lies ahead, their dream Bravo campers, and more.

Ready for a great escape during these trying times? Camp Getaway is just what you need. The series follows the staff of the ultimate adult playground as they navigate the challenges and surprises that accompany working for a camp that offers a non-stop good time. Guests of Camp Getaway, located in the Berkshire Mountains of Kent, Connecticut, are seeking adventure, relaxation, and endless happy hour. The weekend crew works hard to make sure the fun is neverending at Camp Getaway. HollywoodLife spoke with cast members about what to expect from this all-new reality series.

“It’s a Below Deck meets Summer House almost meets Vanderpump and then, I know I’m sounding ridiculous, but I’m throwing in Shahs, but it’s like the family aspect and the connections that Shahs has. To me, it’s a combination of your best hits,” Randall Klein told HollywoodLife. Sophia D’Angelo said something similar about the show being a mix of your favorite Bravo shows. “You get the kind of Summer House and all the intricate theme parties and all that cool stuff, which definitely happens on Summer House, but on the flip side, we’re all working really hard,” Sophia said. “It’s part of our jobs. We all have similar roles but slightly different with what we ended up doing every weekend, and in that sense, it’s very much in the world of Below Deck. We have different guests every weekend kind of like their charter guests and things like that. It’s kind of cool because you get an influx of different characters for lack of a better term each weekend.”

The cast of Camp Getaway becomes very close since they’re working with each other all day, every day. Since this is a Bravo show, there is bound to be drama. “We really become a family,” Neely Fortune said. “Just like any family, we have our good times and our not so great times. Tensions definitely boil over especially because we are friends and we are peers, but we’re also working together. We’re sleeping in a cabin together and having that line between work environment and friend environment can tend to get blurred.”

Randall also noted that drama is inevitable when you’re around the same people constantly. “I think it’s that drama that happens organically when you’re working with a group of people and you’re living with them,” she told HollywoodLife. “When you live with people you start to notice little things that in certain situations may not bother you that bother you, and also the pressures of working and also wanting to have fun. The balance can be tricky and so drama can ensue when you lose track of what the priority is when you’re working at camp.”

So what’s the deal about campers hooking up? Is it allowed or not so much? Monica O’Neal weighed in: “I think it could be great! There’s a lot of people who are co-crew counselors who have gotten married and have kids and have really beautiful lives together. There are people on the crew who have met guests and have gotten married and have really beautiful lives together. There are people who have gotten together and it was a complete dumpster fire and they are still managing to be friends and work together. We can hook up with whoever we want to. We really can. I would say it’s probably not best to hook up with any full-time staff as with any group, but we can hook up with anybody and that makes it a lot of fun.

Camp Getaway
The cast of ‘Camp Getaway.’ (Bravo)

The Bravo universe just keeps on expanding and the Camp Getaway cast has ideas about the Bravolebrities they’d love to see be guests. “I feel like we would have a ton of fun with the boys of Southern Charm,” Neely admitted. “They know how to have a good time, and I feel like they would be a ton of fun.” As for Monica, her dream camper is the one and only Andy Cohen. “Andy Cohen would probably have the most fun in his entire life there,” she said. “Honestly, I think he would be the perfect camper. He just strikes me as the kind of person that really just doesn’t say no and that is the type of attitude that people need to come to camp with.”

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