American McGee Announces ‘Alice’-Themed Art Contest

While we’re still waiting on American McGee’s third entry in his Alice series, for those of you 3D artists out there, he’s got a little contest this month that just so happens to involve Alice.

Teaming up with Manticore Games and Core, the Through The Looking Glass Art Contest is an Alice in Wonderland-themed environment art competition. Of course, this being American McGee, the theme is his reimagined Wonderland from his Alice series. The contest is simple: Create an environment in the theme of Alice in Wonderland using Core, Manticore Games’ platform for making games. American has even provided concept art from the still-in-development Alice: Asylum to get your creative juices flowing.

The contest runs from now until May 31st, with the top prize being a $1000 Amazon gift card, American McGee signed concept art, a Cheshire Kitten Plush, and your portfolio reviewed by one of the lead artists at Manticore Games. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll be able to get in on the development of Alice: Asylum yourself? Visit the contest page for full details.

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