This 89-year-old Lady Gaga ‘super fan’ had her Vegas birthday plans cancelled by coronavirus. So her family brought Vegas to her

Isle Gay stepped out onto her porch to see her loved ones had thrown her a Lady Gaga parade for her 89th birthday. (Screen captures via Twitter)

The cars lined the road outside the quiet residential street in Albuquerque, New Mexico, blasting “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.

Children wearing studded eye-masks, feather boas and tin-foil hats stepped out of the vehicles to wish Isle Gay a happy 89th birthday, as parents hovered around in cloth face masks cautiously keeping their distance and videoing on their mobiles.

Locals and loved ones organised a parade for the octogenarian Gaga stan, who had hoped to see her favourite musician in Las Vegas for her Enigma gig Thursday, KRQE reported.

But when the coronavirus happened – cratering the economy and crashing into normality – the concert was cancelled. Devastated, Gay’s family got together to throw a Gaga-themed parade for the “super fan”.

Grandma Lady Gaga stan had big plans for her birthday. Then the coronavirus happened. 

“I want to go see Lady Gaga in Vegas,” she told the outlet on what her dream plans were for her 89th birthday.

She described how, from Gaga’s first album to belting the woozy jazz songs of Tony Bennett, Gay has valiantly followed her idol for years.

Isle Gay's grandchildren jerryrigged Lady Gaga costumes out of tinfoil, nylon and studded face masks. (Screen capture via Twitter)
Isle Gay’s grandchildren jerry-rigged Lady Gaga costumes out of tinfoil, nylon and studded face masks. (Screen capture via Twitter)

“I saw her in A Star is Born and I thought she blew it out of the park, so that’s why I wanted to go see her,” she said.

Paying the $1,000 for two plush seats to Gaga’s show at the MGM Plaza, she could never have anticipated a global, viral pandemic to rampage her birthday plans.

“We got our plane tickets and our room reservations and then COVID-19 came up, so that was the end of that,” Gay said.

Isle Gay's family surprised her with a Lady Gaga-themed birthday parade after a planned gig was canceled by coronavirus. (Screen capture via Twitter)
Isle Gay’s family surprised her with a Lady Gaga-themed birthday parade after a planned gig was cancelled by coronavirus. (Screen capture via Twitter)

That’s when her friends and family got together with a plan to throw her a Gaga-themed birthday bash to remember.

“We were going have Lady Gaga try to FaceTime or Zoom her but she didn’t respond to us,” explained Claire Cavanaugh.

Cue Gay stepping onto the pavement on the big gay. The street once emptied out by social distancing was now heaving with loved ones.

Gay’s jaw dropped as twirled around to see her children and grandkids in theatrical home-made outfits, cars laced with tinsel curtains and a sprawling sign reading: “Happy 89th, you fabulous girl!”

“Never dreamed I would have all this joy, love,” Gay added, “never dreamed of it.”

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