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G-Eazy talks staying home, new partnership to help create more jobs during coronavirus pandemic

American rapper G-Eazy is spending his time at home learning to sing and play the piano, but he also is working alongside FlowerShop* and Halo Labs to help with an important initiative during the coronavirus pandemic.

Halo Labs Inc., a leading cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution company, and FlowerShop*, a sensory-care company innovating in the wellness, cannabis and lifestyle categories, announced their new partnership, which will bring much-needed employment opportunities to communities during the uncertain times of the COVID-19 global crisis.

Halo intends to acquire a membership interest in FlowerShop*, in which G-Eazy is a partner and key member of the company.

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The proposed partnership will lead to employment opportunities, including five executive-level jobs and 25 production jobs pertaining to distribution and transportation. These include a sales director, sales representatives, brand ambassadors, a financial analyst, delivery drivers, oven techs and more.

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“In the face of COVID-19, the timing to bring FlowerShop* and its mission to the market has never been more vital. Their focus on mental and physical wellness, combined with innovative direct-to-consumer solutions, positively impact people’s needs,” Kiran Sidhu, CEO of Halo Labs, told Global News.

Global News spoke with G-Eazy about his partnership with FlowerShop*, his new song with Toronto’s Tory Lanez, what he’s doing during his time at home and more.

Global News: Can you tell me a bit about your partnership with FlowerShop*?
G-Eazy: I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Isaac (Muwaswes) and Gabe (Garcia) for years and years. They’ve been creative directing and producing all of my merch as G-Eazy. I see them as very creative people but also as people who know how to run a business and appreciate the process. They put time and care into every single thing they do. I think when building a partnership, you really have to have that trust. I was excited to get on board.

What does your role in the partnership require you to do?
I’m mainly coming in to help share the platform I’ve built through my music and provide a face for the brand. I’ve always had an interest in entrepreneurialism, losing and building brands and helping build the brands from the ground up. I previously worked with a company called Stillhouse. It’s just about authentically building it into your lifestyle. A lot of my music is lifestyle-based. It’s kind of like a window into my life. I’m just sharing stories about what my life is like and living it and sharing that with my fanbase.

Why is this partnership important to you? What stands out the most?
Well, I first and foremost, I’m a believer in the direction of the brand. Any time you find something and you get that spark and truly feel a strong belief of support, it’s exciting to be a part of that. It’s a win-win. The bottom line is, I believe in it. I think now is a really important time for cannabis because the way it’s perceived by the world has changed.

I remember smoking weed as a kid, having to hide it from my mom only to find out she was smoking and hiding it from me as well. But that was the stigma and that was the perception of flower at the time. Now, you have something really beautiful happening where the world sees it completely differently than they did 10, 15, 20 years ago. It’s an exciting time to get on board because not only is the business growing, but people are realizing the positive benefits of flower.

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Halo Labs Inc. and FlowerShop* are also creating a lot of new jobs, which is really important during this pandemic because so many people have lost their jobs. I think there used to be a stigma when people would hear about people working with cannabis before it became legal in so many places. How does it feel for you to be backing such a good initiative?
That’s why it is exceptionally important during this time. I’m extremely excited to be involved because we’re in a crisis across the board. To be able to be a part of something good during this time is obviously ideal. We have to be solution-oriented. A lot of people are doing bad during this global pandemic and to be able to be on the other side trying to help is a really beautiful thing.

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Absolutely! I’ve been a big fan of yours since the Endless Summer mixtape in 2011 and I still listen to Runaround Sue all the time. Which project or song stands out to you the most when you look back on your catalogue of music?
Thank you so much; that means a lot. It’s ironic that you bring up Endless Summer because I would say the song Reefer Madness stands out to me, given the times. If you look at when that song was made and compare it to now with how people see the flower, it’s definitely insane.

What is the biggest misconception about you that’s floating around in the media that you would like to clear up?
Well, I try not to go there. I think having a strong sense of self and true identity is the most important thing.

You recently worked with Toronto rapper Tory Lanez. How was that experience?
Tory is one of the most talented artists that I’ve ever worked with and also one of the most hard-working. I think sometimes when people are born with such a gift and a talent, it can almost be a curse to an extent. But he’s somebody who’s worked his a– off from the ground up. I witnessed it personally when I toured with him about eight years ago. We were all in a van, barely playing to 100 people a night, and he just never gave up or let up. He’s still one of the hardest-working people in the business.

(Warning: This video contains graphic language.) 

What are you doing with your time at home during the pandemic?
I’ve been writing a lot of music. Luckily, I have my own studio in my house, so I’ve been taking this time to work creatively and try to record as much as possible. It’s a rare opportunity when you look at it as a silver lining in that this is an opportunity to do something new with the time that you may never ever have again. I’ve been learning how to sing and play piano and just recording music.

What advice would you give people to remain positive during these times?
Just to try to find a good thing. I know some people feel like they’re trapped inside their house,s but try to look for it to be a freedom instead of an encagement. You’re free to work on things that you typically wouldn’t and to look at things in a different way or internally reflect. Find something that you want to grow or to evolve or change and just to try to stay positive. These are unprecedented times, and it is really difficult but at the same time, it won’t be forever. Think about each other, stay inside and wash your hands.

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