Official ‘Evil Dead 2’ Escape Room Coming Online as a Live Video Escape Room Experience!

An officially licensed Evil Dead 2 escape room was launched in Seattle just last year, you may have heard, and while we’re all stuck at home the experience is now coming, well, home.

Coming in May 2020, with tickets going up for grabs on May 8th, Evil Dead 2: Escape Room Live will allow you to experience the escape room from the comfort of your computer chair!

Here’s everything you need to know about the 70-minute experience…

This game is online, using streaming Zoom meeting technology. You can control the game facilitator as your avatar in the game. It is like a first-person video game but with live people, and it is designed for a 3 to 6 player group. The best part is that you and your team can be in 6 different homes anywhere in the world if they have a good WiFi connection.

Once you book your game: You will receive an email with links to the character packs, player tips and some other fun stuff to enhance the game and maximize the fun.

The Game: You get a strange email from your paranormal investigation group “Gnostic Research of the Occult, Omens, Vampires, and Yetis” aka G.R.O.O.V.Y.

Seems your leader decided to break into the old Knowby cabin and cant escape…You and your team must guide him via his ghost gear technology through this misadventure so he can escape and find a way return the evil dead to their realm and escape before the cabin is sucked into the time-space vortex forever.

In this adventure, you will be given the identity of a member of the paranormal group.

Downloadable Character Pack: Click here for a PDF of the player character list, including costume ideas, catch phrases and more.

Tickets are as low as $30 per player. Head over to Hourglass Escapes to learn more.

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