7 Best Summer Shirts For Men: Many Kinds of Cool in 2024
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7 Best Summer Shirts For Men: Many Kinds of Cool in 2024

You wake well rested. Shafts of sunshine dapple through your window. It’s going to be a glorious summer’s day. Now, how do you meet this meteorological gift? Ideally, a cool and cooling outfit. This article is here to make the case that the best summer shirts for men are precisely what you need.

In this piece, I’ll argue that there is no better choice than a light, breezy shirt on a sticky hot day. T-shirts, of course, are theoretically ideal, but even in a light fabric and loose fit, they can just look a bit, well… plain. A shirt naturally gives you more space, they’re more versatile in terms of formality and, often, just much more exciting stylistically. Plus, the sleeves offer a useful sunblock too.

The best summer shirts for men are a joyful encapsulation of summer clothing. They are what you should be in the summertime: loose, nonchalant, and breezy. Shirt fabrics are often far superior for dealing with heat, too. Linen, seersucker, and crochet will vastly outperform conventional T-shirts.

The selection of men’s summer shirts below presents a golden opportunity for you to express yourself. This array of men’s summer shirts has wild prints, geometric patterns, ostentatious pockets, flesh-bearing constructions, open collars, and zesty tones. Of course, we have supplied ample opportunities for understated chic, too. I could feel the Scandinavians getting a little uncomfortable through the computer screen.

So, it’s time to undo another button, grab yourself an iced beverage, and tuck into my guide to the best summer shirts for men. Good sire, I beggeth you read on.

Key Takeaways 

This assignment was a straightforward one. It is summer. I love summer shirts. And I have to write a piece about the best men’s summer shirts. Simple.

If you take a peek inside my wardrobe, you’ll see an eclectic and impressive array of shirts. So, I started here and drew inspiration from my favorite men’s summer shirts and their qualities, then read articles, Reddit, and customer reviews online to hone that instinct. I managed to reduce my longlist to a shorter 7-shirt medley you see below.

Overall, of all of the best summer shirts for men, ISTO’s Património Camp Collar Linen Shirt comes out top. Its linen construction, camp collar design, short-sleeved cut (it doesn’t get much more summery than a short-sleeved shirt), and easy striped beige style will make it attractive to those from all walks of life.

After factoring in value-for-money, breathable fabrics, and brand reputation, I made sure that every piece had an attractive and unique design. This is crucial to getting the most use out of the garment, making it a valuable investment. For this very reason, the runner-up in this list has to be the indulgent yet magnetically attractive S. S. Daley shirt.

a double cuffed shirt by TM Lewin
tmlewin / Instagram

ISTO Patrimonio Camp Collar Stripe Linen Beige/White: best summer shirts for men

Why it’s great: Património. What a delicious name for a capsule collection. And what a delicious capsule collection from Portuguese brand, ISTO. The word means ‘heritage’ in Portuguese, and the concept “is about embracing the simple, joyous wonders of everyday life,” which means indulging in a slower way of life.

Oh yes, and the shirt? The easy beige stripe design and insouciant camp folded collar make it a versatile addition to your men’s summer shirts. It’s also linen, so it’ll keep you bloody cool. As a proud owner of many ISTO items, I can vouch for the brand’s quality.

Who is this for? Although this shirt is going to match effortlessly well with shorts and casual pants, I suggest slotting this into your tailoring, too. You might be surprised how a camp collar can immediately relax a structured jacket.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Shipping is slightly expensive, coming from Europe ‘n’ all. But it’s not too bad at $15 and free for orders over $300.

Material: 126 g/sqm of luxury 100% Linen fabric | Sizes: XS–XXL | Colors: 1 | Care: Careful machine wash 30ºC

Bhlounplo Mens Button Down Abstract Printed Shirt

Why it’s great: Do I trust a brand called Bhlounplo? Not particularly. Is that a “me” problem? Quite possibly. Do I trust a brand that has 45 designs printed over the same basic shape and style? Nope. Do I trust 822 ratings on Amazon, giving a 4.7 overall? Wholeheartedly.

The addition of Spandex gives the stretch suiting a two-week, all-inclusive holiday. That way, it’ll fit both at the beginning and the end of the holiday, plus it’ll be super comfortable throughout. It’s the ultimate dad summer shirt, one of the best summer shirts for men.

Who is this for? One thing it does give is choice and freedom to express yourself. If you’re into cats, then you’ve got a cat T-shirt, and it isn’t too offensive. If you’re into… hot sauce? Then there’s one of those, too. If you need a shirt and you need it fast, be that for a holiday or a cat convention, Amazon’s same-day, or next-day delivery is your savior.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This shirt isn’t going to outlive you, but you can’t argue with the price, ease of purchase, and delivery times.

Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex | Sizes: S–XXXXL | Colors: 45 | Care: Machine wash

Uniqlo Premium Linen Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt: best summer shirts for men

Why it’s great: I could utter this sentence a million times: Uniqlo is the place to shop for really, really good, affordable clothing. Get your basics here, build the foundation of a wardrobe, and take flight from there.

This particular linen shirt has a lovely draping silhouette (the brand suggests it’s fitted, so try your usual size or one up) and a crisp beige stripe design.

Who is this for? This shirt is easy in every sense of the word. Easy to style, comfortable to wear, and easy on the wallet. It’s a summer’s day item that’ll clear away any graying overcast sky. I recommend it to tourists and travelers especially thanks to its special wrinkle-resistant processing.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The linen will tend to sheen after wearing a lot and washing many times. This gives it a shine that perhaps you weren’t bargaining for in the beginning. But, even that has a certain unique charm.

Material: 100% Linen | Sizes: XS–XXXL | Colors: 3 | Care: Machine wash cold

S. S. Daley 'Jupp' Long Sleeve Shirt Burgundy/White

Why it’s great: It’s disarming (and alarming?) what a splash of embroidery can do to a shirt. S. S. Daley is one of Britain’s leading modern designers, and he knows this all too well. But then there’s the sheer cotton fabric, which is one of the summeriest fabrics I’ve ever felt on my skin. I can’t explain.

Perhaps it’s because the fabric’s so light that it feels like it floats just above the skin, barely perceptible, like a shadow fabric. Then there’s the humongous pocket that brings an avant-garde pajama-esque edge met with a small practical pocket inside, hiding in plain sight. All of this combines into one of the most delectable men’s summer shirts I’ve ever worn. I feel so amazingly cool wearing this shirt.

Who is this for? I have a person in mind. They’re on holiday, probably on a Greek island or somewhere volcanic and decadent. They’re fashion-conscious and incredibly good-looking, and their style is insouciant yet considered. It’s the coolest version of yourself on holiday.

I believe that this shirt should be reserved for holidays (he says, wearing this very shirt in an airport, traveling to work). A vacation harnesses the shirt’s transformative powers when you need to relax and feel very, very smug about yourself.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The embroidery rubs slightly when worn directly against the skin. It’s only very minor, though, and I was wearing a backpack at the time of said rubbing.

Material: 100% cotton | Sizes: XS–XL | Colors: 2 | Care: Gentle 30ºC wash

T M Lewin Non-Iron Light Blue Bengal Stripe Twill Slim Fit Single Cuff Cutaway Collar Shirt

Why it’s great: I wore this T. M. Lewin shirt to a wedding recently and had one of the smoothest experiences of my life. I’m not just confident that this is a great shirt, I’m arrogant about it. The non-iron fabric lived up to its name as it was wearable straight out of my suitcase. However, I gave it a steam for good measure, which obliterated any creasing from the fabric’s trauma record.

The exact sizing demands that you will encounter when ordering means that you are guaranteed to get a well-fitted shirt. Finally, I got a horde of compliments for the style and feel of the shirt (okay, maybe two, but it feels disproportionately nice, doesn’t it?).

Who is this for? A wedding abroad. Am I saying this because I wore it to one? Yes. Is it also perfect for a wedding abroad? Yes. Also, the ease of non-iron will come in handy if you need to wear a shirt to work each day. It’s for anyone who needs formality and adores practicality. Looking for a dress shirt? T. M. Lewin has you covered for that, too.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: $20 postage from the UK in 3–4 business days. But that’s not too bad for one of the best summer shirts for men.

Material: 100% cotton | Sizes: (collar: 14.5–20) (sleeve: 33–38) | Colors: 5 | Care: Machine wash at 30ºC

Hawes & Curtis Safari Shirt

Why it’s great: Bring a vintage tinge to your men’s summer shirts with this Safari Shirt by Hawes & Curtis. Once considered stuffy, Safari shirts have dropped off the map and are now ripe for rediscovery. British GQ’s Fashion Editor Angelo Mitakos made the case for me recently by wearing an incredible vintage safari suit to a Cartier event.

“Sarafi” as a genre plays into the larger preppy wave that shows no sign of abating. Hawes & Curtis do this shirt in a slightly sheer, extraordinarily breezy linen with button-ups to hold your sleeves in a perfectly symmetrical way. Continuing this theme of aesthetic balance are the two perfectly aligned breast pockets.

Who is this for? This is for those who want to branch out into new styles of men’s summer shirts. Or, for those going on Safari. Or, for those who like their casual shirts to have a bit of order.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Be warned: it is a bit sheer. Not lasciviously so, but it will show a little skin.

Material: 100% linen | Sizes: XS–XXL | Colors: 4 | Care: Machine wash

Percival Crochet Poplin Shirt

Why it’s great: On a sunny afternoon in London, you are guaranteed to spot a Percival shirt in the crowds that spill out from the pubs and onto the streets. That’s because it so perfectly encapsulates the COVID hangover of expressive but casual, comfortable clothing that people still desire.

But crochet? Really? Yeah, it’s got hippy connotations, but think about it, it’s about as aerated a fabric can get without being… nothing. Plus, it isn’t a sexy mesh vest but a charming, airy shirt, one of the best summer shirts for men.

Who is this for? Reserve this for the hottest of days. Or, layer with a cardigan on chilly summer nights. It’s worth mentioning to consider your skin tone when purchasing this shirt. The shirt comes in an ecru and brown tone, so you effectively get to decide if you want your skin to slightly contrast or blend in with the tone of the shirt.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The shipping times are a bit longer, coming from Europe, but you’ll receive free shipping on this item.

Material: 100% cotton | Sizes: XS–XXL | Colors: 3 | Care: Wash at 30°C

man sitting on a portable chair placed in the water
isto.pt / Instagram

Buying Considerations for the Best Summer Shirts for Men


The best summer shirts for men should be in a lightweight material and a light tone. You have multiple options for this. The first is a light-gauge fabric, for example, the S. S. Daley shirt comes in a super light cotton. The second is the weave style. So, you could use thick cotton, but if the shirt has been constructed using crochet, it will be breathable. Lastly, you could opt for a porous fabric, such as classic linen.


The summer shirt has a few variations. Long sleeves give a little more formality, whereas short sleeves err towards informality. I’m speaking in generalizations here; there are exceptions. Long sleeves block the sun and can have versatility by being used as an evening shirt, too.

Next, consider the collar. A camp collar or Cuban collar has become quite popular in recent years and gives more skin exposure to keep temperatures down. Then, you might want to opt for a block color to keep it simple. Or geometric patterns or print patterns for a more zany summery look.


An oft-underrated facet of choosing a summer shirt. You can achieve serious airflow and breathability through a garment simply by opting for a larger shirt size. I wouldn’t knock this technique: it works. You need to balance that with not looking too baggy. Good luck out there.

man sitting on a sofawearingthesafarishirtbyHawesandCurtis
hawesandcurtisglobal / Instagram

How We Chose

Shirts are a well-known, well-worn and ubiquitous garment of clothing. However, some fare better than others for the summer months. Just because it is being marketed as your dream summer shirt doesn’t mean we can trust it. Like all good Capitalists, it pays to be cynical. Below are the methods I use to ensure that cynicism is replaced with empiricism and we all make good purchasing decisions.

Company Reputation: This counts for a lot. The ISTO piece I recommend is based strongly on my always positive interactions with the brand and my knowledge of its immaculate but understated clothing. The reputation of the brand is bolstered by its use of ethical and high-quality factories for production.

Customer Reviews: In place of a hands-on, personal review, I was left with the accumulated hive mind of customer reviews. It’s the best we have. This is particularly relevant when buying from Amazon, from which it is possible to buy dud pieces and the review system is well established and mostly trusted.

Price: The garment must warrant its price tag. That could be for its wholly unique design, its innovative fabric, its designer credentials, or just its affordability.

Personal Experience: I had access to many of the shirts I recommended and so had the time to give a proper long-term test. So, my personal experience with that garment is more crucial than ever here.

Why Trust Us?

Harvey James is a fashion writer of 6+ years and a model of 11+ years. Shirts have always been a particular joy of the menswear canon for Harvey. He got into shirts in a big way while winding down after Paris Fashion Week and ambling around the kilo vintage stores around Hôtel de Ville. This passion continued as he traveled the world, as he tried to stop off in each city’s vintage store and buy a shirt.

His shirt collection now tells a tale of the places he’s been, the people he’s met, and the things he experienced. For this piece, he used this for guidance on what works in the dripping city heat of New York and the dry heat of the Australian outback.

But, as luck would have it, he’s also recently acquired some new shirts that are available to purchase online and so has put them into this very list. That way, he knows what he’s recommending is actually good.

When selecting the best summer shirts for men, Harvey employs a meticulous research process, examining fabric quality, comfort, style, and reader reviews to ensure that each recommendation meets high standards. His dedication to fashion writing and consistent output of high-quality content make Harvey a trusted authority in men’s style.

Final Verdict 

Of the best summer shirts for men discussed in this article, ISTO’s dapper shirt comes out on top. This is not because it is the wildest, most innovative or most expensive, but because it is stylish, premium and therefore, a reliable summer shirt. It has a suave camp collar but the design generally is minimal, making it versatile.

It is threaded with linen, great for keeping cool in the heat. It’s a good price. And finally, it is made by a great brand. You’d be a fool to argue with any of that.


    • I find myself giving a little rollito to each sleeve (rolling them up) and having the top two buttons open. This sets me up for the louche, informal headspace that I want to exist in come summertime. And by that I mean, very much coasting through life without breaking a sweat. My style naturally tends to be casual, but to slot some formality into proceedings, try adding a blazer, chinos and loafers with no-show socks/no socks. Or tailoring. The beauty of the shirt is the freedom to experiment with your whole wardrobe. I see a lot of people opting for a baggy shirt, large capacious jorts (a contentious choice), white socks, and penny loafers. If you have the gumption, this is a very on-trend summer look.

      • The best types of summer shirts are light. It’s about as simple as that. From that point on, it’s irrespective if you go for long-sleeved, short-sleeved, linen, cotton, hemp, camp collar, Cuban, or quarter-button down. If a shirt is breathable, lightweight and cohesive with your wardrobe, you are onto a winner, my friend.

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