Kelsey Anderson Reveals If Her Dad Would Be ‘Golden Bachelor’

Kelsey Anderson took Bachelor Joey Graziadei home to meet her family. When she introduced her dad, Bachelor Nation went crazy. Many instantly fell for Mark Anderson. They loved his personality and his looks. Fans began petitioning for him to become the next Golden Bachelor. Kelsey has been mentioning her dad since Monday night and now she’s revealing his thoughts on if he would or would not consider taking on the role. Keep reading to find out more.

Kelsey Anderson Reveals If Dad Would Be ‘The Golden Bachelor’

Kelsey Anderson introduced Joey Graziadei and Bachelor Nation to her dad Mark on Monday night. The internet went nuts with comments about him becoming The Golden Bachelor. 

Everyone seems to agree he would be perfect for the job. However, how does Mark Anderson feel about it? Kelsey posted a TikTok and asked her brother and sister how they felt about being on The Bachelor for the first time. She also asked her dad who admitted he was a little nervous.

Kelsey Anderson and Mark Anderson via YOuTubeKelsey Anderson and Mark Anderson via YOuTube

She also said, “Are you gonna be the next Golden Bachelor?” Mark while smiling said, “No.” Then he added, “I’m too young.”

Kelsey also shared a post on Instagram documenting her hometown date in New Orleans. Her caption read, “Shaa baby 🐊
So thankful y’all got to meet part of my loving family! Mark needs to process his new found fame 😂💗”



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She didn’t stop there. On Thursday night she made yet another post about her beloved dad. She shared a picture from Mark’s Instagram and said, “When I tell you if anyone is mean to my dad it will be game over I will find your livelihood and destroy you.”

She then shared that her dad posts about Hilton Head Fairy Village, food, sunsets and sometimes himself. Kelsey concluded by saying “Thank you”

Kelsey Is One Of The Final Three

When Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson said goodnight to her family, Mark told Joey he hoped to see him soon. After that, Kelsey was given a rose at the rose ceremony ensuring her a night in the fantasy suites should they so desire.

Monday night, fans will see Joey take the three remaining ladies to Mexico for overnight dates. Who will be the final two? Stay tuned to find out.


Do you think Mark would be a good Golden Bachelor? What did you think of Kelsey’s hometown date?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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