Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 4 Review: …wrecked my future

Everything has always revolved around school and academic excellence.

We revisited what had been missing for the past couple of Never Have I Ever Season 4 episodes.

Senior year was the time to decide on the future everyone wanted, and for these nerds, getting into a great college was the first step, and college reps visited on Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 4.

This was a momentous occasion for Devi, Ben, and Fabiola. I can’t stress enough how important this was. They had spent every waking moment of their academic life dreaming about getting into a great school, and this was the first real step into achieving that.

Everything before had been a preparation. The countless hours they’d spent studying, the great things they’d missed out on, the arguments they had with family, and the potential relationships they had missed out on will be justified.

It was wild to think that all that hinged on one meeting with a college rep who would decide whether you were impressive enough. It was understandable why Devi was willing to do anything to make that great first impression, but as expected, she Devi’d out.

Ben was climbing walls with anxiety because the future was here — waiting for him a few steps away. He could smell its intoxicating musk. He could almost taste its sweet bitterness. All those sensations left him breathless.

A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, and if playing the race card was what would get Devi into Princeton, so be it. Devi had been skeptical, playing to her gods on Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 1, and you know what? Maybe they’d been listening all along.

But there are some things even deities can’t help with, and bombing hard in real-time in front of a Princeton rep was one of them.

In the days leading to the bombing, life had been going on pretty great. She was finally getting the sex she thought she deserved from a ten, and everything seemed perfect except that he was no match for her intellectually.

Ethan was dull, and everything seemed to go over his head — even the very important stuff, like not stealing. The upside of dating someone shameless was that they would rip out an honors list from the principal’s office and impress a college rep for you.

The downsides were many, but stealing from said college rep was pretty big in the books.

As Devi was bombing, Ben was flipping out.

He had dedicated so much to ensuring everything went well, but maybe he’d done too much. For example, if I were a college rep, I wouldn’t touch that kid with a ten-foot pole if I’d heard his college pitch.

Power, leadership, innovation, domination. You’re getting the full package when you admit me. And that’s why Columbia should be all about the Benjamin.


I was on the fence about Ben and Margot until she hyped him up when he started freaking out. My mind kept thinking about what Devi would do in that situation, and given their competitive nature, I could see an argument ensuing even if they weren’t applying to the same colleges.

Ben and Margot were really good together. Or so I thought, until the paint on the shirt accident.

Say what you will about crazy Devi, but that craziness had gotten her far. For a moment, it looked like she was actually offering Ben her top. I mean, he could rock it.

Ben: Never thought I’d be grateful you’re built like a shot-putter.
Devi: Um, please, I’m a snatched-waist slim-thicc queen, and so are you, apparently.

That scene was for sure the top #Bevi moment. It was everything that makes Ben and Devi such a great duo, even when not romantically involved.

From when Devi dragged him into the bathroom, the awkwardness of seeing each other half naked for the first time since the horrible sex, them roasting each other, and then Devi giving him the kick he needed to go on that Columbia guy? Dude, that was everything.

All’s well that ends well. Devi used her incredible powers of persuasion and got a second chance, and she didn’t waste it.

Ben spoke from the heart and won over the Columbia rep.

We saw Devi make a mature decision on Never Have I Ever Season 4 Episode 3, and guys, she’s mature now. She quickly notices when she makes a mistake and owns up to it.

Being with Ethan was a mistake, and Devi from the past would have found a way to circumnavigate that to keep having that good sex.

She broke up with him, which was good. But admitting he stole from Akshara, I’m not sure how that plays out. Maybe it will work in her favor; perhaps it won’t.

Life was becoming considerably harder for Paxton. He was not where he’d thought he’d be. In his mind, he was always going to be Paxton Hall-Yoshida. Coolest and sexiest guy ever.

I don’t know if you remember this, but you’re Paxton Hall-Yo-goddamn-shida. You are the king of this jungle, baby. You’re a legend, you’re a handsome son of a bitch, and you’re that guy. Sometimes, I’m brushing my teeth at night. I can’t even believe we’re best friends.


But like everything in life, change occurs, and even cooler guys come along.

What’s up, Paxton? Hey, guess what. I, uh… I just talked to the ASU rep for, like, five seconds. So I basically went through as long as you did.


It hadn’t dawned on Paxton yet that everything was different now. He was not part of the team anymore. To them, he was an authority figure and boo! No one likes those.

The best thing a staff member could do is lean into his new position instead of trying to fit into somewhere he had graduated from.

But leaning into the new position does not involve abuse of power. While it might have been effective in instilling fear, it was no way to earn their respect.

Paxton: Yo, Shrimp. That little ASU joke back there was pretty funny, huh? If you ever speak to me like that again, I’ll give you Saturday detention for the rest of the year. And I’ll make your lunch period 9 a.m.
Shrimp: But I’ll still be full from breakfast.
Paxton: See, bro, I think you forget who you’re talking to. And now I have the power and the parking spot of a faculty member. See, I can make your life miserable if I want to. So show some respect.
Shrimp: Look, I’m… I’m really sorry, Paxton, all right? Please don’t be mad at me. I… You– You look really handsome. Red is totally your color, man.

Paxton must stop thinking of himself as one of the boys and the boys’ coach.

With how he was operating, he wouldn’t last long in that environment, and it will end badly for him.

People often lose touch with high school friends, and something put Devi and Fabiola in direct conflict. Fabiola was right to do what was right for her, but I’m afraid we might be witnessing the beginning of the end between Fab and Devi.

Kamala was confident she heard Len talking to another woman. Does Len have a secret? Is he playing Pati? Worse, is he married?

Ethan and Devi were no more. Maybe there might be some hope for Bevi after all.

…wrecked my future” was great because it emphasized what makes the show fun. Nerds putting their mental and physical health at risk for academic greatness. What’s not to love?

What did you think?

Let us know in the comments section.

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