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Your Ears Will Be “Blessed” By Scott & Sabrina

A new sound is coming to you from the scenic desert landscape of Arizona. Scott & Sabrina aren’t just a couple of singers; they are a singing couple. With that in mind, it’s no surprise the married couple opens their EP, “Blessed”, with a soft, yet upbeat, acoustic love song called “Kiss You Forever”. The duo has been classified as country primarily and occasionally rock, however they echo a singer/songwriter vibe from the early 2000’s with this first track.

Track two, “Runaway”, kicks in with hard-hitting guitar immediately that leans toward rock more than anything. The couple trades taking lead vocals on the first two verses and sing together on the bridge and chorus. This song feels less like a follow-up to the previous song and more a show of impressive guitar skill.

The title track, “Blessed”, opens with a soft piano melody accompanied by Sabrina’s full, smooth voice. It doesn’t take long, however, for a hip-hop bass beat to begin, which quickly transitions into the indie rock sound they just established in “Runaway”. The difference in the two tracks is that Sabrina takes the vocals solo in a powerful, soulful performance backed by an electric guitar shredding throughout the rest of the song.

“I’m Gonna Love You” shows the couple’s countryside. The tempo has slowed dramatically to make way for a twangy, loving waltz from one happy couple to many more.

“Soulmate” changes things up once again. Scott & Sabrina are joined by dance/electronic and pop artist Carston. The genre has absolutely changed for this dance/hip-hop cut. Scott & Sabrina’s vocals take on a more rhythmic cadence while Carston wraps up the third verse in a full-blown rap. The instrumentation is largely electronic drums and a melancholy piano. The overall feeling should be familiar to fans of Ed Sheeran.

We finish the EP with a beautiful country song with Scott taking the lead for the finale: “Home”. This track feels more like a dedicated ode from Scott to Sabrina much like the track, “Blessed”, felt like a performance from Sabrina to Scott. The lyrics are various analogies and metaphors of the comforts of home to be found in that one special person. It’s full of love and a perfect way to close out “Blessed”.

Despite their website self-describing Scott & Sabrina as a “modern country duo”, that seems a bit narrow. If you listen to this album, you’ll see they are capable of talented musical performances in genres across the board. “Blessed” releases October 21st.

Reviewed by Will Nolan

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