‘The Registration’ – ‘The Night House’ Writers Adapting Novel With Sydney Sweeney Starring

Art the Clown is back in Damien Leone‘s Terrifier 2, and ahead of Bloody Disgusting and Cinedigm releasing the hotly anticipated sequel in theaters nationwide on October 6 – tickets available soon, and you’ll find them right here! – first up Art slashed his way into UK’s FrightFest 2022 this afternoon for the WORLD PREMIERE of the brand new sequel.

In the wake of the premiere, the first batch of social media reactions to #Terrifier2 have hit the internet, and to say we’re pleased with the response would be a huge understatement.

We cannot wait for EVERYONE to be able to enjoy Terrifier 2 this Halloween season, but while you wait we figured you’d be hungry for the taste these first reactions are offering up.

@SkinTrader2 tweets from FrightFest, “Terrifier 2 promised a lot for fans but somehow it actually delivered more. Ultra gory, stupendously violent and utterly insane on every level.”

@v_for_vienetta tweets, “All your Halloweens have come at once. Damien Leone’s 140-minute Art the Clown epic is a splatter slasher full of absolutely insane levels of butchery realised with incredible practical FX. Over the top, out of control and off the rails.”

Many FrightFest attendees were surprised to discover that Terrifier 2 runs a whopping 2 hours, 20 minutes long, but most seemed to feel that MORE ART can only be a good thing.

@ThatRyanMartin tweets, “The longest horror movie ever, good job it’s bloody Terrific!

@gillchrisd notes, “140 mins is a long time to sustain a loose structure for gore gags but Terrifier 2 manages it. As violent and mean spirited as the first with superb fx.”

Speaking of the kills, @Dominic52897159 raves about one in particular: “Probably one of the best death scenes of all time. Art has truly cemented himself amongst the icons of horror.”

@Aza_ tweets, “I don’t think ANYONE is ready for what an absolutely wonderfully, brutally, insane movie Terrifier 2 is…

Watch the trailer below and expect more real soon…

From Writer/Director Damien Leone (All Hallows’ Eve), the highly anticipated sequel to the cult-favorite slasher film, welcomes back David Howard Thornton as the demonic killer, Art the Clown. Terrifier 2 also introduces Lauren LaVera as Sienna, who will become an instant fan favorite. Also returning is Samantha Scaffidi who will reprise her role as Victoria Heyes. Horror icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) also makes an appearance. 

Terrifier 2 has Art the Clown up to his old tricks once again…

Following his gruesome demise in the first film, a sinister presence has brought Art back to life to rein terror on the residents of Miles County. On Halloween night, he returns to the unassuming town and sets his sights on fresh prey: a teenage girl and her little brother, portrayed by LaVera and Elliott Fullam, respectively.  

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